Unlock a Marketing List

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, marketing lists have the ability to be locked or unlocked by changing the value of the Locked field.

Members cannot be added to or removed from a locked marketing list. There are certainly times where it is appropriate to lock a marketing list, but doing so may interfere with various ClickDimensions functions, such as adding members to a marketing list using a form action or Campaign Automation action. Locking a marketing list can also cause the ClickDimensions Import tool to return an error if you attempt to use the Import tool update a marketing list.

marketing list locked field

You can toggle a marketing list between locked and unlocked by changing the value of the Locked field.

NOTE: If you are not the owner of the locked marketing list, be sure to consult the owner before unlocking it.

NOTE: When creating a static copy of a dynamic marketing list, CRM will automatically set the static list to locked.