Social Posting: Set Up Facebook Connector

The Facebook connector for ClickDimensions allows Users to create social posts to Facebook from within your CRM environment.  The connection works with the Facebook API and allows Users to create social posts on a Facebook Page (a Page on Facebook is considered a public profile specifically for businesses, brands, and other organizations; it is not a personal profile).  To learn more about how to create a Facebook Page for your organization, click here.

NOTE: A Standard ClickDimensions license level or higher is required to use the Facebook Connector.

To get started when setting up the connector, you must already have a Facebook Page for your organization, and the login information to access it from Facebook.  This is essential to set up the connector.

Navigate to CRM Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click the Connectors menu item.



A new window will open that contains all of your connectors that are currently set up in your CRM environment. Click +ADD to add a new connector.


Then click Facebook from the menu of available connectors.


You will then see Facebook Settings options.  By using the ClickDimensions Facebook Connector, you are agreeing to comply with updated ClickDimensions terms and conditions. A link to our updated terms and conditions is included for clarity.  Include your name in the Your Name field and click I Accept in order to proceed.

Set the name for the connection in the Connection name field.  You will also need to be logged in to the Facebook account (for your organization) to authorize ClickDimensions access to post on the Facebook Page.  Click Next to continue.




Once the connector is successfully set up, you should see it in the list of connectors set up for your particular CRM environment.


You should now be able to use the Facebook Connector to create Social Posts to your Facebook Page.  Click here to learn how to create Social Posts using this connector.

Feature Added: 8.4.0
Feature Updated: 8.4.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.4.0