Register for Your ClickDimensions Package – CRM 2013/CRM 2015

Once you have received your welcome email from ClickDimensions, and you’ve completed step 1, you need to register. You’ll be given a link in your email to do that. In this article, the form you need to fill out will be explained. This is the form you will see if you have CRM 2013 or CRM 2015. [See this article for CRM 4 and this article for CRM 2011.]

2013 register

Contact Email

Enter the email address that you would like the solution and installer sent to, as well as any updated solutions when requested. In other words, this should be the email of the Installation Point of Contact.

Service User

This should be your ClickDimensions dedicated user information. This user must be a CRM Administrator and is preferably not an actual person, but just a user who’s information will stay the same.

NOTE: If you are using CRM On-premise with ADFS 3.0, enter the username in the format DOMAIN\username and leave the Active Directory domain field blank.


The password of the previously mentioned User Account.

Office 365 Account

Your CRM Online login will look similar to this if you are using Office 365 to authenticate:

Active Directory Domain

This is only required if you are On-Premise. To find this, open a User record in CRM and you’ll see the Domain Logon in the format of “DOMAIN\username”.

Unique Organization Name

You can find this by going to Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources. Note that in some CRM Online organizations, the unique organization name is different from the friendly name in the URL.
CRM 2016:

CRM 2013/2015:


Your Microsoft CRM URL, for example, You can find this by going to your CRM and looking at the URL bar and taking the first part of it that looks like the above example.