Protecting your Form Builder Form from Spam

You can always use the CAPTCHA to protect your form from spam, but now ClickDimensions automatically adds another layer of security to all form submissions with your Form Builder.

The Submit button will become active when the user moves the slider to the right

ClickDimensions has added some code which will create an empty hidden Form Field on your form. Humans won’t notice it, but bots will. When bots try to fill out the empty field, we will reject the submission.

Any forms created from now on will have this feature added in automatically. To enact this on previously created forms, you only need to open up your Form Web Content record, Click “Designer” to open the Form Designer, and then click “Save”. We will then automatically add the hidden form field into the code of your form for extra security.

Feature Added: 4.2.0
Feature Updated: 4.2.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: Any