New Release: October 2013 Update

ClickDimensions October 2013 Update
We are pleased to announce some superb new features for our October 2013 release! The new update is available to all partners and customers starting
today, Tuesday, October 15. See a video below!
Starting on October 15th, customers using CRM 2011 or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. If you’ve signed up to have new versions automatically installed, we have scheduled the update to take place over the weekend of November 2nd.CRM 4.0 customers can contact our technical support team to request the updated installer. Please include your CRM org name and external URL for verification purposes.For full details on our new release, please see our release notes.
Wondering About CRM 2013 Compatibility? The solution we are releasing today will work with CRM 2013, but we will be releasing our fully redesigned, CRM 2013-compatible solution next week on Tuesday, October 22nd. When your CRM is upgraded to CRM 2013, let our support team know and we’ll provide you with the 2013 solution to import into your CRM. Questions? Please check out our Q&A forum.
Drag and Drop Email Template Editor | New Feature!
ClickDimensions is proud to announce a brand new Email Template Editor included in this release. This is our easiest and most intuitive editor yet, with a sleek drag and drop interface that updates with your changes in real time. Choose the layout and orientation of each block and simply drag and drop in new content like dividers or new blocks. Just click on a block to add in content on the right sidebar. Not only is this new editor easier to use, but it also offers a wealth of additional options when it comes to tweaking your headings and styles as well. Learn how to use our new Drag and Drop editor
Image Editor | New Feature!
Our Drag and Drop Editor comes with an added bonus of having a built in image editor! You can easily add filters,
captions, and effects to your images all from inside your template. Advanced options such as changing the saturation, brightness or sharpness are also available.
See our blog post on the new image editor
Improved CRM Password Updating in ClickDimensions | Security
We’ve made it easier to update your CRM password within ClickDimensions to prevent any service interruptions. Simply
navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions > Service Credentials to update your password at any time.
Learn more about updating the password for the ClickDimensions Service User
Improved Social Sharing | Email Marketing
Social Sharing now supports full branding of shared content in your emails. You can easily substitute your CNAME in
place of the default ‘’. 
See more on Social Sharing here
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Video of Overview

Download the slides here.