New Release: July 2014

July 2014 Update

Today, July 15th, we’re releasing ClickDimensions version 6.1.0! This new update contains a number of new features and improvements.

Beginning today, customers using CRM 2011 or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. If you’ve signed up to have new versions automatically installed, we have scheduled the update to take place over the weekend of August 2nd, 2014.

CRM 4.0 customers can contact our technical support team to request the updated installer. Please include your CRM org name and external URL for verification purposes.

For full details on our new release, please see our release notes.

See the New Features in Action

Video: Overview of July 2014 Features

EventBrite Integration | New Feature!

Eventbrite is an online platform that is widely used to manage shows, festivals, and a variety of other events from a single location. It allows you to host your event and even sell tickets to your attendees. Our integration will help you feed all that data back into CRM as well as letting you create new Leads and Contacts for first-time participants.

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Responsive Emails with Drag and Drop | New Feature!

With the explosion of mobile devices, it’s become more and more common to check emails on the train, waiting in line, or even during a coffee break, and we use iPhones, Droids, tablets, (and sometimes even our computers!) to do so.

We’ve added responsive design to the Drag and Drop editor, which will now ensure your email looks sharp no matter what device it’s viewed on! Emails will automatically resize for easy reading based on the size of the display rendering it.

We’re happy to include this highly-requested feature to help your emails pack a punch even if your recipients are not at their desks.

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Inbox Preview | Improvement!

The Inbox Preview has been a long-standing feature of ClickDimensions, but we have now dramatically increased testing platforms. You can now check emails in different email clients and browsers simultaneously to make sure every combination displays as anticipated. For example, does your email look the same in Gmail in Chrome as it does in Yahoo and Internet Explorer? Find out with just a few clicks!

We added this newly improved Inbox Preview to our Drag and Drop editor, too, for easy access with our popular new editor.

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IE 11 Support | New Feature!

ClickDimensions is now fully compatibile with Microsoft’s newest browser, Internet Explorer 11. This also helps extend compatiblity to those on the Windows 8 operating system.

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Additional Features | Improved Functionality!

Naming of Cloned Records All Cloned records will now start with the prefix [CLONE]: making them easier to spot. You can still rename any cloned record as you choose by updating the name and saving as usual.

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OutlookCast now InboxCast Finally, we are rebranding OutlookCast as InboxCast. All the features and functionality will remain the same, but if you have saved any email addresses, you’ll need to regenerate them to send with our new processes.

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