New Release: July 2013 Update

Now Available! ClickDimensions July 2013 Update
ClickDimensions is pleased to announce our latest release! These new features are available on July 15, 2013.Starting on July 15th, customers using CRM 2011 or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. If you’ve signed up to have new versions automatically installed, we are planning the update to occur over the last weekend of July.CRM 4.0 customers can email to request the updated installer. Please include your CRM org name and external URL for verification purposes.
See the New Features in Action!

Watch the recording here.

Social Discovery | Feature Update!

We are enhancing our profile page with social data from FullContact. Our redesigned profile screen will now feature much more social data on your contacts and leads. The FullContact API, requiring only the lead or contact’s email address, can bring back data and direct links to the lead or contact’s identities on a
long list of social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.This functionality will be available to all customers at no additional cost. Users will see the information on the ClickDimensions profile screen but we have also created an iframe version of the social data so you may easily embed these social profiles anywhere on your lead and contact records.Read more about the new social integration and how to insert it into an iframe within your lead and contact records.
Automated Text Version Button | Email Marketing
‘Sent On’ field |Email Marketing
The new ‘Create Text Automatically’ button will automatically take the text and hyperlinks in your HTML email, and convert it to text for devices that are not able to render HTML emails. Simply click the button and ClickDimensions will do the work for you.

Learn more about the ‘Create Text Automatically’ button.
When looking at an Email Send, you’ll notice a new field has been added – the ‘Sent On’ field. This field will populate automatically to show you the date and time your email was sent. This help sorting and viewing Sent Email Send records in your Sent view as well.
IFrame Editors in Preview Mode | Email Marketing
In order to save you the risk of saving over changes made in the Full Screen editor by clicking the save button in the editor within an Email Send, we’ve made the HTML version editor within the Email Send and Email Template records preview only. Now, to edit the HTML version, just click the Open Editor button, and it will open the full screen editor. To see the latest changes made in the Full Screen Editor, click the refresh button.
Send Email From Information Options | Workflows
When sending a ClickDimensions email through a workflow, you can now specify a From Name and From Email Address. You no longer have to specify a User record as the From Name and From Email. You can enter any name and email address in the respective fields.Learn more on how to send a ClickDimensions email through a CRM workflow.
Dynamic From Name and Email Address | Nurture Programs
It is now possible to insert dynamic Freemarker code into the From Name and From Email fields in a Send Email step within a nurture program. For example, you can specify the From Name and From Email Address to be the name and email address of the recipient’s (lead or contact’s) owner.Learn more on how to create a nurture program.
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