New Release: 8.8 and 8.9

ClickDimensions Release Update

Versions 8.8 and 8.9 (July/August 2017)

We have some great new features to announce in our summer releases!

ClickDimensions version 8.8 was made available in the US data center July 10 and all other regions August 1. Version 8.9 was released in the US on August 7 and will be available to all regions on August 27. Keep scrolling for highlights from these releases, and get full details in the 8.8 and 8.9 release notes.

Customers using 2013, 2015, 2016 or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. All updates are free and simple to complete.

Not all features are available for all versions of CRM. See release notes for more info.


Social Posting from within Dynamics 365/CRM 

Now post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ from inside your Dynamics environment! Just update to the latest ClickDimensions solution file, setup a social CNAME and connect to your social profiles. You can also see special Page View records for any clicks on links within the social post. Click here to learn more.


We have enhanced our standard social posting capabilities to use new social posting connectors powered by Oktopost. If you have set up a Facebook connector before this release, we recommend you disconnect that one after any scheduled posts have gone out and reconnect using the Oktopost connector for the best functionality. See the 8.8 release notes for more information.


New! ClickDimensions Social Engagement Powered by Oktopost 

In addition to our embedded social marketing features, we are excited to announce ClickDimensions social engagement! Social engagement is an add-on module to the ClickDimensions solution. Social engagement allows users to manage all their social media activity — including scheduling, publishing, analytics and reporting, content curation, listening, campaign tracking and advocacy programs. Want to learn more? Let us know!


Big Improvements to the Email Send Experience 

The form for the email send entity has been rearranged. All the fields are still there, they are just laid out a bit differently to make the sending process easier. The form will also change once the email is sent so that you see the statistics at the top. It’s a big improvement to the process of creating, sending, and analyzing an email!

Email Send Statistics

The look of the graphical statistics window has been updated, and the social statistics graphs have been moved to the Email Statistics button at the top of an email send. The Email Statistics button has security around it now, too. You must have full read permissions on the Email Statistics entity in order to see the button on the Email Send record ribbon.

Web Visits Generated

A field has been added for “Web Visits Generated” that will show the total number of visits that were generated from an email send. This is a roll-up type field which automatically counts all visits associated to the email send.

Pending Email Sends

Now it’s easier to follow along with where your email is in the sending process. A new Pending view has been added to the list of views on the email send. This shows all email sends that are pending, in progress, or throttled.


Quick Send Email Templates 

We added a new view called “Quick Send Email Templates” which shows only the email templates that are marked for Quick Send to make for easier organization.

Survey Questions and Other Import/Export Enhancements 

Now import and export survey questions from one environment to another!

Form fields now import and export with their mapping and show a list of fields that failed to map (for example, when the field being mapped does not exist in the environment that it is being imported into).

The import window size has been increased and the interface has been improved for easier use. Also, the import tool now checks for duplicates before importing.

The name of an export zip file has been changed to better distinguish this file from a ClickDimensions solution file. It is now called “ClickDimensions”


Separate Solution File for Dynamics 365

There is now a separate ClickDimensions solution file for Dynamics 365 environments. We have also created an “app” in Dynamics 365 so that you can see all ClickDimensions items in one place. Click here to learn more.


Sunsetting Nurture Campaigns

Sunsetting Nurture Campaigns
We are sunsetting the nurture program feature in favor of campaign automation. See this help article for instructions and more details if you are still using nurtures. If you do not use nurtures, there’s nothing to worry about!


  • The status originally called “Outbox” on an Email Send has been switched to “Scheduled” for more consistency and better understanding.
  • Added the Contact, Lead, Account and Reason columns to the excluded email views. Now it is easier to tell why someone was not included in the email and who they are.
  • The split test fields are now labeled with B so that in Advanced Finds it is much easier to know which subject field you are selecting, for example.
  • When sending an email, if the Send Immediately field is set to No and a date/time is set, and later the Send Immediately field is set back to Yes, we will now clear the date/time to prevent confusion.
  • In the email editors where the Check Freemarker button exists, we’ve added some more specific error messages to help address issues with the dynamic content code.
  • For email sends, the Quick Find view that shows the search results has been updated to show all inactive and active records. Previously, it only showed active records which means only drafts would appear. Now all statuses will be included in the search results.
  • New views were added for Email Events (“Email Events on Email Send”), Sent Emails (“Sent Emails on Email Send”) and Visits (“Visits on Email Send”). These views will be used in other areas as we continue to improve the experience of viewing statistics after sending an email.
  • For Quick Send emails, the Owner and Created By users are now set to the user who created and sent the email.
  • The Connectors grid has been updated and redesigned so that it is sortable and easier to use. It also has the new connectors for the Social Marketing feature.
  • A new area in ClickDimensions Settings has been added to enable changing the main user of the social posting features.
  • If the same social post is scheduled to go out multiple times, a Social Post record will be automatically created for each one.
  • Map List type form fields to lookup type fields on the Lead or Contact record.
  • The web tracking script has been updated so that the variables are more unique to prevent conflicts with other scripts.
  • We removed all content that does not need to be included in the solution file from the account, contact, lead and marketing list entities. This means that when you import ClickDimensions, it will not reset the name of the entity if you changed it or change other settings like audit history.
And More!
There are more updates and enhancements included in these releases that are not highlighted in this email. And as always, we have also implemented several smaller improvements and fixes. For a detailed breakdown of all the updates, please see our version 8.8 and version 8.9 release notes.