Mapping Form Fields to Lookup Fields

You have the ability to map form fields used in your ClickDimensions web forms to CRM lookup fields. This includes the out-of-the-box lookup fields as well as custom lookup fields.  You will need to create a Text or List Form Field and select the lookup field you would like to map to from the mappings drop down. Below, we will look at real world scenarios in which mapping to lookup fields would be helpful.

Please Note: The text submitted in the Lookup Field is not case sensitive, but the spelling must match the corresponding CRM record exactly. For example, if the Account record’s name field is “ClickDimensions”, and the Posted Field value is also “ClickDimensions”, the Parent Account will automatically be set to ClickDimensions.

Example 1: Company Name/Parent Account

First let’s take a look at the Customer/Parent Account Field on the Contact record. This was added in November 2016 and is available to all customers.

Most sites have some form of a Contact Us form and within that form many have a field for Company Name. After setting this up, you will not have to manually set the parent account for each contact, this can now automatically be set if the account already exists in CRM.

In the example below, we have a standard text-type Form Field accessed from within the Form Builder by clicking the New Field button (you may also create fields by going to Settings > Form Fields).

Form Field

From here, click on the MAPPING tab and select the Company Name or Parent Account field from the Contact map field.

Form Field Mapping

Now when a customer submits a form, the company name will automatically be associated with the Parent Account/Company name field on the CRM record as long as an Account record by the same name exists in CRM.

form to contact

What if an Account by the same name doesn’t already exist? It will still create a Posted Form with the value that the visitor submitted so that you can see and determine whether a new Account record should be created or not.

Example 2: Country

Have a sales team that is organized by customer location? You can automatically send the right sales person a submitted form based on the location entered by the customer. Some companies have transitioned from using option set fields and moved towards using lookup fields in these cases. If you have a lookup field created for Country, start by creating a text-type Form Field and then select your Country Lookup Field in the related mapping drop down.

Example 3: Product

Do you have more than one product or service that you sell? Do you use the CRM Product entity? If you have this set up as a lookup field on the contact or lead records in CRM you can use the map to lookup feature for this as well. In a quote request type form you can ask what product they want a quote for, and that can automatically set the product lookup field to the right product on their contact or lead record.

There are many other possibilities here as well!


Don’t see the field you want in the mapping drop down?

If you created a brand new CRM field, you will need to make sure you publish your customizations.  In addition to that, you will want to make sure that you publish the Metadata, so that these custom fields are visible in the mapping drop down.