Manage Opt Ins using a Campaign Automation

Once you have created your Subscription Lists and Subscription Management Page you will need to determine how you want to add the people who opt-in to Subscription Lists to the right Marketing List(s) (opt outs are handled automatically by ClickDimensions). A simple and effective way to do this is to use a Campaign Automation.

A Campaign Automation can be set up to run when somebody submits a specified Subscription Management Page, then a decision node can be used to check which lists the person opted into and send them to different series which contain Add to List Actions for the Marketing Lists relevant to the checked Subscription Preference.

In this example we will look at a Campaign Automation that checks for the submission of a Subscription Management Page that includes three Subscription Lists, then uses a decision node to add the participant to the Marketing Lists that they opted into.

NOTE: This article assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of Campaign Automations. If you are unfamiliar with Campaign Automations, click here to learn more about the feature.

This is the Subscription Management Page being used,

subscription page example

and this is the basic structure of the Opt In Campaign Automation. The decision node can be used to branch into as many different paths as you need for the number of Subscription Lists included on the Subscription Management Page.

opt in CA overview

Begin by adding a Submitted Subscription Trigger as the entry point for the Campaign Automation. In the trigger’s properties, select the Subscription Management Page for which the Campaign Automation should check for submissions.

subscription trigger settings

Add a series for each subscription list included in the Subscription Management Page. Set each series’ Display Name to correspond to the name of the relevant Subscription List on the Subscription Management Page, then connect the trigger to each of them. A decision node will automatically appear when the trigger is connected to at least two series. Click on the decision node to access its properties.

highlight decision node

In the properties for the decision node, each connected series will be listed. Decision nodes use logic similar to that of a CRM advanced find to determine which paths to send the participant down. For each of the series listed, set the criteria as

Submitted Subscription (select relevant subscription list) Equals In.

This set up will ensure that a participant will be sent down the paths that correspond to Subscription Lists that they opted into.

decision node individual settings

Once all of the series logic has been set up, the decision node’s properties should look something like this:

decision node settings

Click Save & Close in the decision node settings to return to the Campaign Automation builder. Next, click on a series to add Actions to it.


In the series, add two Add to List Actions. Click on the first Add to List Action and in its properties, add the Contact-specific Marketing List for the Subscription List that the series corresponds to. In the second action, repeat the process for the Lead version of the Marketing List.

NOTE: If you are only marketing to Leads OR Contacts, it is not necessary to include two Add to List Actions. Also, multiple Marketing Lists can be included in the same Add to List Action, so both Leads and Contacts can be handled with the same Action if you would prefer to only use one.

newsletter action settings

Click Save & Close to return to the Campaign Automation builder, then Publish the Campaign Automation.

CA publish button

Now, whenever somebody submits the associated Subscription Management Page, the participant will automatically be added to the Marketing Lists that you specified for the opted in Subscription Lists. If they submit the Subscription Management Page again at a later date and opt into something new, they will automatically run through the Campaign Automation again and be able to be added to the new Marketing Lists.

Feature Added: 8.6.0
Feature Updated: 8.6.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0.0