Introduction to Nurture Programs

What are Nurtures and What are They Used for?

The Nurture Program is a program that can perform specific actions depending on a lead or contact’s interactions with your company. It is executed based on a customer’s response to an email, such as whether they opened it, clicked on a link, etc. For example, nurtures can be used to automatically send emails to a customer a certain number of days after they receive a welcome email. Another such use would be to notify the owner (in CRM) of the contact or lead that the customer clicked on a link in an email. The goal of nurtures is to foster (or “nurture”) possible clients or customers into forming a professional relationship with your company.

How to Set Up Nurtures


NOTE: ClickDimensions has become aware of a bug in Microsoft CRM that can prevent Nurture programs from being executed against a record that is added to a marketing list using CRM’s “Add Members Using Advanced Find” method. Microsoft is aware of this issue but has not provided an ETA on a fix. Meanwhile, all other methods of adding contacts or leads to marketing lists work fine to trigger the Nurture programs associated with the marketing list.