Internet Explorer Settings

Because ClickDimensions displays some of our web pages in iframes on CRM forms, Internet Explorer may prompt the CRM user to permit these pages to be displayed or may block functionality on iframed ClickDimensions pages. Users or group policy administrators can set Internet Explorer to permit ClickDimensions web application pages to interact with the CRM interface as follows:

Add the ClickDimensions domain as a Trusted Site

1. In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Options and click the Security tab. Select Trusted sites and click on the Sites button. Add “*” (without the quotes).


Setting Microsoft Internet Explorer to display mixed content

Because the ClickDimensions solution may display pages in the context of CRM forms, it is also convenient (but optional) to set Internet Explorer to not prompt you each time this type of content is displayed. This setting will skip these prompts.

1. Go to Tools > Internet Options and click the Security tab
2. On the Security tab click the ‘Custom Level’ button when ‘Trusted Sites’ is the selected zone



3. Scroll down until you see an option titled Display mixed content. It is under the section titled Miscellaneous. Select Enable.


NOTE: Adding your own CRM web site address as a Trusted Site or to the Intranet Zone sites in Internet Explorer will also help to minimize annoying prompts and warnings from Internet Explorer. This setting is for convenience only and is optional.

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