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Want to know what your email will look like in your recipients’ inboxes? ClickDimensions’ Inbox Preview feature lets you test any email and see what it will look like in a variety of email clients including Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Gmail and more.

NOTE: If you use Internet Explorer, Inbox Preview will work on version 9+.

NOTE: You have a limited number of Previews per month depending on your ClickDimensions package. Once you press the Inbox Preview button it will run a test automatically.

The Inbox Preview is available in all four ClickDimensions Email Editors. To access the feature, click on the Inbox Preview button in the Drag and Drop Editor:

inbox preview dnd button

Or in the Free Style Editor:

Inbox Preview Button

Or in the Block Editor:

Or in the Custom HTML Editor:

Custom HTML Inbox Preview Button

Tests can take 1 – 15 minutes to run depending on the size of your email template. You can click on each preview of how the email displays in a certain email client to display a larger version of the preview.

inbox preview

The SPAM FILTER tab will show spam scores for different spam filters. If you have questions about those rules it is best to search for the rule on the Internet because there are numerous different rules for each spam filter.

spam filter

Feature Added: 2012
Feature Updated: 8.12.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: Any
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