HTML Email Best Practice Recommendations

Not all email clients process HTML the same way. In order to be certain that your emails will be displayed as intended in as many email clients as possible, we recommend that you follow these best practice recommendations:

  • In order to have the entire width of an email display on all devices, the email template should be no wider than 600 pixels.
  • The fonts available in the ClickDimensions Email Template Editor are web safe fonts; they are recognized by all email clients. If you use a font other than one of those, it is possible that it will be displayed as a different font (one of the web safe fonts) in certain email clients. If you still want to use a different font, you can plan ahead for this by specifying in your HTML which font should be used if your preferred font cannot be displayed.
  • Avoid using image mapping.
  • Avoid using bullet points as they show differently in different email clients.
  • Use solid background colors for your email templates; some clients have difficulty displaying background images.
  • The width of any image in addition to your cell padding should not exceed 600 pixels.

This newsletter follows all of the above recommendations.