FreeMarker: Personalization Menu

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The simplest way to add dynamic content to a ClickDimensions email template is to use the Personalization Menu. These menu options allow you to generate dynamic content for any field on the Lead, Contact, Account, and User entities within CRM.

To access the Personalization Menu within your Drag and Drop or Freestyle email template, click the Personalize button:

Personalization Button

To access personalization options within the Block editor email template editor, use the drop down menu options:

Personalization Menu Block Editor

When you select a field, an interpolation will automatically be inserted into the Email Template:


The Personalization Menus are great, because they generate interpolations based on the environment’s most recently published Metadata. This means that custom fields added to the Lead, Contact, Account, and User entities are easily accessible to dynamic content.

Tip: It is recommended to publish Metadata within ClickDimensions Settings once custom fields are created and published within your CRM environment for Lead, Contact, Account, and User entities.

The field options you may choose from the Lead, Contact, Account, User (the Owner of the Lead, Contact, or Account) or Email Send entities will appear in the Personalization menu in alphabetical order of the name of the field in CRM.

If you are trying to reference related or parent records from the Contact record, keep in mind that FreeMarker can only reach one level beyond the recipient’s Contact record.  For example, you can pull data from the recipient’s Contact’s related “User” record, but you cannot go further and pull from a record that is related to this User.

The Email Send option in the Personalization menu will allow you to reference custom fields you may have added to the Email Send record entity.  Please be sure to publish metadata in order to see these custom fields options if you have created them.

You will find the Contact record’s Parent Account record’s fields below the standard fields found on the main record. Please note that the contact’s parent account is the only lookup record association that populates in the Personalization menu.

Feature Added: 2010
Feature Updated: July 2016
ClickDimensions Version Need: 6.7.0 
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