Export and Import ClickDimensions Records

Use the Export and Import features within ClickDimensions Settings to move ClickDimensions entities from one Dynamics environment into another.  You can either select the individual records, or choose all items of a certain kind.

The entities you may Export/Import are:

  • Email Templates
  • Domain Records
  • Form Fields

To get started, navigate to Dynamics Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click Export.



The export window will open:


Select the type(s) of ClickDimensions entity(ies) you would like to export from your Dynamics environment.  Checking off the boxes of the desired entities will allow you to further specify if you would like to export all records, or just certain records of that entity type.

Click Next to continue.


You will then be prompted to select which records for each entity type you have chosen to export. Click Select to see the available options.


Use the lookup window to browse through the available records. Check next to the name(s) of the record(s) you would like to export, then click Select. Click Add to add include these selected records in your Export.


You will then see your records appear within the Select Records grid under each entity. You may add more or remove your selection if you change your mind. If you indicated to choose individual records from multiple entities, you will see the Select Records option for each entity within this window.

Click Next when you are ready to continue the Export setup.


Review your Export Summary of ClickDimensions records. Click Previous if you need to go back and change your selections, click Export to complete the export process.


Momentarily, you will see the indication that the Export started and an ZIP file will be downloaded.  Save this file; this is what you will use to import your selected data with the Import feature in the other Dynamics environment.


To get started, navigate to Dynamics Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click Import.



A window will open prompting you to select the file you would like to import ClickDimensions data from. Click Choose File. Select the ZIP or XML file from your computer, then click Import.


The window will change to show you an indication that your file has been successfully imported.


You will be able to see these newly-imported records within the Active records grids for the respective entities included (i.e. Active Form Fields, Domains, and Active Email Templates).

Feature Added: Original
Feature Updated: 8.6
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.6