Excluded Emails

Excluded Emails are recipients you’ve added to an Email Send that ClickDimensions cannot send to. This means that we do not even try to send to these people. These do not count against your total email allowance. The list is generated after you click Send. Excluded Email records are linked to the Sent Email Send.

There are several reasons why emails would be excluded:

  1. Blocked: The recipient’s email address hard bounced on an email you previously sent to this person, or the email address had too many Soft Bounces from emails you previously sent to this recipient. Or the person marked your email as Spam and has a Spam Complaint Email Event.
  2. Missing Email: The recipient does not have an email address in the email field you set the email to send to.
  3. Unsubscribed: The recipient previously unsubscribed from all of your emails, or from the Subscription List associated to the Marketing List you sent to.
  4. Suppressed: The recipient existed on a marketing list set to receive an email, while simultaneously existing on a marketing list associated with the Email Send as a suppression list.

When opening a sent Email Send you can see under Email Statistics how many emails were excluded.

To get to these graphs go to CRM Marketing > Email Sends.

Change the view to Sent.

Choose the Email Send record you’d like to view. Click on the ellipses menu (…) and click Email Statistics.  A new tab in your browser will open and you can see an overview of these email statistics, including the number of Excluded Emails.

2016 Email Statistics Menu Bar

To see who all of those people are go to the top of the screen and click on the down arrow next to the name of this Email Send and choose Excluded Emails.

Here you will see the list of those who were excluded from this email and the reasons why.

Navigate to CRM Marketing > Email Marketing > Email Sends > change the view to Sent > open the Email Send > click the Email Statistics top menu button.

A new tab in your browser will open and you can see an overview of these email statistics, including the number of Excluded Emails.

2016 Email Statistics Menu Bar


To see all the Emails that were excluded click on Excluded Emails on the left menu of the Sent Email Send record:

These email addresses were not sent the email and unless something changes, they will never be sent emails in the future (unless they’re just unsubscribed from this particular Subscription List). You can open these records and go to the Contact/Lead/Account that was excluded. You can make changes to give them an email address or fix their bounced email address and we’ll try to send to them next time.

What Can I Do About Excluded Emails?

Email addresses are excluded, not the specific lead or contact they are associated with. This means that some excluded email issues can be resolved pretty easily. For Missing Email Excluded Emails, adding an email address to the lead or contact record will clear up the issue and allow you to send to that recipient. Recipients can also get this Excluded Email if, for example, an Email Send is set to send to address in Email 1, but the recipients’ email addresses are stored in Email 2 instead. In this scenario, re-sending the Email Send to Email 2 instead of Email 1 will clear up the issue.

If an address is Blocked because it returned an invalid recipient hard bounce email event, you can send to that recipient again by correcting the email address on their record. This may be an easy fix like removing an extraneous blank space at the end of the email address, or it may require reaching out to the recipient to have them confirm their correct address.

Practicing good email marketing etiquette can help avoid email addresses becoming excluded due to blocks or unsubscribes because it helps ensure that you are only sending to recipients that want your emails and are only sending content that they care about. The following blog posts provide some suggestions for maintaining high deliverability:

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Feature Added: 2010
Feature Updated: October 2016
ClickDimensions Version Need: Any