Error: “Error in AddMemberList plugin, Principal user is missing prvReadcdi_nurturebuilder privilege”

When a User in your CRM environment attempts to add a member to a Marketing List, They may encounter the following error:

Error in AddMemberList plugin, Principal user is missing prvReadcdi_nurturebuilder privilege


This error occurs because the User does not have the Read privilege set for the Run Nurture Entity in their Security roles. Users who have been assigned the ClickDimensions Service Security Roles will not encounter this error normally as this privilege is included in this Security Role. However, if a User is instead assigned the ClickDimensions Core or ClickDimensions User Security Role, this privilege is not included. This privilege is used to prevent non ClickDimensions-Users from being able to run Nurture Programs by adding recipients to Marketing Lists.


In order to circumvent this error, the affected User must either be given a Security Role that includes the necessary privilege, such as ClickDimensions Service, or should be provided with a custom Security Role that provides the Read privilege for the Run Nurture Entity.

NOTE: Customizing the default ClickDimensions Security Roles is not recommended. If these roles are customized, they will be reset to their default state whenever the ClickDimensions solution for your CRM environment is updated. See this article for more information on customizing Security roles.