Email Statistics: Recipients

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If you would like to review a list of every recipient to whom your Email Send was sent and see how they interacted with the email, access these statistics from the Email Statistics menu under the Recipients tab.

Open the Email Send record under the Sent view > click Email Statistics from the top ribbon.

email statistics button
Click the Recipients tab to view the statistics.

email statistics recipients tab

In this view you will see a list of every Lead, Contact, and Account to whom the email was sent, as well as statistics for Deliveries, Opens, Clicks, and Bounces. Opens and Clicks will display the total number of times that recipient opened and clicked the email, and Deliveries and Bounces will both be set to either 1 or 0. The 1 indicates whether a Deliver or a Bounce was recorded for that email, and the option that was not recorded will display a 0. These values can also be seen on the corresponding Sent Email records associated with the Sent Email Send.

If you wish to see which link(s) the recipient clicked, you can click on the number displayed.

NOTE: This particular feature is only available for customers in the US data center. This feature will be available for all customers, include those in the EU/AU data centers very soon.


You will be redirected to a view that lists all URLs that were clicked by the individual from the particular email.  Click the arrow to the left of the recipient’s name to go back to the original view.


Feature Added: 8.4.0
Feature Updated: 8.5.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.2.0
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