Use a CRM Workflow to Deactivate Leads or Contacts that have Hard Bounced

When it comes to email bounces, ClickDimensions makes a distinction between what are called Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces. Soft Bounces are less permanent issues, such as the recipient’s inbox was full. Hard Bounces are permanent and can be caused by an incorrect email in a Lead or Contact record. Since we automatically stop emailing Leads or Contacts that have Hard Bounced, some organizations wish to deactivate these records automatically.

NOTE: This workflow will trigger every time an Email Event is created in your CRM. Depending on your email volume, this could temporarily impact your CRM’s performance.

Here’s our workflow. Since Hard Bounces are recorded as Email Events (type Invalid Recipient), our Entity is going to be Email Event. Please also make sure that you mark the Scope to be Organization (so that all records are included) and that the workflow is set to Start When: Record is created.


First, we’re going to check every Email Event that comes in and see if it’s the type Invalid Recipient, DNS Failure, or Generic Bounce: NO RCPT. If so, we’re then going to check whether it was a Lead or a Contact that triggered it. We do this by checking if either Contains Data. (This is based on the idea that the Email Event should have a only a Lead or a Contact associated with it. We’re checking which associated with that record actually contains information, as in, which actually exists.) From there, we’ll choose the Update Record Status step and choose to Deactivate the Contact record, or to mark the Lead as Cannot Contact.

Conversely, if you can use the workflow to update the lead or contact’s Bulk Email field to Do Not Allow; this will allow you to hold onto the lead or contact as an active record, but will prevent them from being sent further emails. To do this, take the same workflow as the previous example, and replace the Change Status steps with Update Record steps.



NOTE: ClickDimensions will automatically exclude leads and contacts that have hard bounced from future Email Sends without needing to set up this workflow, but the workflow is useful if you want to update the bulk email field to let any users viewing the record know at a glance that the person cannot be reached via email.

That’s it! Please make sure to save and Activate your workflow.