Clone a Nurture Program

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NOTE: Nurture Programs are no longer included in the package for new customers. Instead use our much improved Campaign Automations. If you are currently using nurtures, we recommend you switch your nurture programs to Campaign Automations to get a much improved experience and many more options.

After having created a Nurture Program, it’s likely you may want to re-use it while changing key information or making slight adjustments but keeping an original as well. You can easily do this by clicking the Clone button after you have saved your changes.

This will create a replica of the Nurture that you cloned, except no Marketing Lists will be associated and the name of the nurture will include [CLONE]: before it for clarification (but you can change this). It will be owned by the person who presses the clone button.

Feature Added: 6.0.0
Feature Updated: 6.1.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 6.1.0