ClickDimensions Sitemap Groups (CRM on-premise and CRM Online)

The following code can be used to repair or manually update your sitemap if you have overwritten it with other customizations and wish to add the ClickDimensions navigation groups back to the interface.

See here for more information on how to update the sitemap in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

1. Marketing Area: Add the following groups of links to the Marketing area of the sitemap:

<Group Id="cdi_analytics" Title="Analytics" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">
<Title LCID="1033" Title="Analytics" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_iporganization" Entity="cdi_iporganization" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_anonymousvisitor" Entity="cdi_anonymousvisitor" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_visit" Entity="cdi_visit" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_pageview" Entity="cdi_pageview" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_postedform" Entity="cdi_postedform" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_postedfield" Entity="cdi_postedfield" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_postedsurvey" Entity="cdi_postedsurvey" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_surveyanswer" Entity="cdi_surveyanswer" />
<Group Id="cdi_marketingautomation" Title="Marketing Automation" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">
<SubArea Id="automation" Entity="cdi_automation" />
<Group Id="cdi_emailmarketing" Title="Email Marketing" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">
<Title LCID="1033" Title="Email Marketing" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_emailsend" Entity="cdi_emailsend" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_emailtemplate" Entity="cdi_emailtemplate" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_sentemail" Entity="cdi_sentemail" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_emailevent" Entity="cdi_emailevent" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_unsubscribe" Entity="cdi_unsubscribe" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_postedsubscription" Entity="cdi_postedsubscription" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_subscriptionpreference" Entity="cdi_subscriptionpreference" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_datasync" Entity="cdi_datasync" />
<Group Id="cdi_mobile" Title="Mobile" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">
<Title LCID="1033" Title="Mobile & Social" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_bulktxtmessage" Entity="cdi_bulktxtmessage" />
<SubArea Id="cdi_socialpost" Entity="cdi_socialpost" />

<Group Id="cdi_eventmng" Title="Event Management" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">


<Title LCID="1033" Title="Event Management" />


<SubArea Id="cdi_event" Entity="cdi_event" />

<SubArea Id="cdi_eventparticipation" Entity="cdi_eventparticipation" />


2. For ClickDimensions versions prior to 8.10: Add the following group to the Settings area of the Sitemap (NOTE: You must replace your Account Key in the URL to the settings page. See the end of this article for instructions on locating your Account Key):

 <Group Id="cdi_clickdimensionssettings" Title="ClickDimensions" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">


             <Title LCID="1033" Title="ClickDimensions" />


           <SubArea Id="cdi_settingspage" Title="ClickDimensions Settings" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon" Url="" Client="Web" PassParams="1" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_emailcname" Entity="cdi_emailcname" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_domain" Entity="cdi_domain" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_filter" Entity="cdi_filter" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_formfield" Entity="cdi_formfield" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_surveyquestion" Entity="cdi_surveyquestion" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_subscriptionlist" Entity="cdi_subscriptionlist" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_webcontent" Entity="cdi_webcontent" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_formcapture" Entity="cdi_formcapture" />
           <SubArea Id="cdi_import" Entity="cdi_import" />


3. For ClickDimensions version 8.10 and higher: Add the following group to the Settings area of the Sitemap (you do NOT have to search for the accountKey for the Settings page anymore since this is called from a Web Resource):

 <Group Id="cdi_clickdimensionssettings" Title="ClickDimensions" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">


             <Title LCID="1033" Title="ClickDimensions" />


           <SubArea Icon="$webresource:cdi_cdsettings32x32" Id="cdi_settingspage" Url="$webresource:cdi_settingspage" Title="ClickDimensions Settings" AvailableOffline="false" PassParams="true" Client="Web" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_emailcname" Entity="cdi_emailcname" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_domain" Entity="cdi_domain" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_filter" Entity="cdi_filter" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_formfield" Entity="cdi_formfield" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_surveyquestion" Entity="cdi_surveyquestion" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_subscriptionlist" Entity="cdi_subscriptionlist" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_webcontent" Entity="cdi_webcontent" />

           <SubArea Id="cdi_formcapture" Entity="cdi_formcapture" />
           <SubArea Id="cdi_import" Entity="cdi_import" />


4. Add the following to the Resource Center area in the Sitemap (optional):

 <SubArea Id="cdi_kb" PassParams="0" Url="" Title="ClickDimensions" Icon="$webresource:cdi_clickdimensionsicon">


               <Title LCID="1033" Title="ClickDimensions" />



Finding Your Account Key
Each ClickDimensions deployment has a unique account key that is used to integrate your CRM with the ClickDimensions cloud. The account key is used in the tracking script on your web pages, to identify forms and email templates for your organization, and other places. To locate your account key, you can view your tracking script on the ClickDimensions Settings page. You can also create or open an Email Template record, view the template in full screen mode, and copy the account key from the URL.

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