ClickDimensions Dashboard in CRM 4.0

NOTE: ClickDimensions will end technical support for customers using ClickDimensions in Microsoft CRM 4.0 on December 31, 2016.  See this announcement for details.

In CRM 4.0, ClickDimensions automatically installs a dashboard for you to view Web Statistics. To view it, go to Marketing > ClickDimensions > Dashboard

Please note there is less information here than would normally be present due to these reports being generated in our test environment.

CRM 4.0 Dashboard

Visitor Distribution

CRM 4.0 Dashboard Visitor Distribution

This pie chart shows the different types of Visitors that have accessed your site: Anonymous, Lead, or Contact. (Notice you can hover over the chart for more information.) Anonymous Visitors are visitors who have not been identified yet and these records are created when a new visitor accesses your website. (In order to identify them, we must first link them to an email address.) We keep information on Anonymous Visitors such as a score just as we do Leads and Contacts. Once we associate an IP address with Leads and Contacts, we can also track their visits with your website as well, as is shown here.

You may also notice the social network based percentages at the bottom. Those are the percentage of Leads and Contacts that have been found on those social sites through Social Discovery.

New Leads

CRM 4.0 Dashboard New Leads

This graph of the number of leads created in your CRM recently. It also provides additional information if you hover over one of the points.

Recently Active Leads

CRM 4.0 Dashboard Recently Active Leads
This is a collection of Leads that have recently visited your website, and the most recent Lead visiting your website is listed at the top. These records can be especially helpful if you have set your forms or surveys to create any new visitors who submit them as leads.

Identified Organizations

CRM 4.0 Dashboard Identified Organizations

Identified Organizations are organizations whose IP address ClickDimensions has noticed accessing your site.

The IP Organization will have a name, which is the registered name for that IP address (please keep in mind that the name may represent the network provider for the visitor). Much of the time we can also can provide geographical information based on the IP as well.

Other dashboards include the CRM 2011 Analytics Records dashboard and the CRM 2011 Email Events Analysis dashboard.