Link a Landing Page to a CRM Campaign and Analyze What is Driving Traffic to the Campaign

If you are promoting an event, product launch or other initiative it is helpful to create a landing page that contains content specific to that event to drive your visitors to a singular call to action like registering for the event, downloading collateral or watching a video. If you can link that landing page to […]

Identifying Anonymous Visitors

When someone visits your website for the first time, we create what is called an Anonymous Visitor record. We log their IP address and sometimes their location, but for the time being we know little else about them. We track Anonymous Visitors over time and can see which pages they view and assign scores to […]

How to Filter Web Analytics

Filtering web analytics is a way to prevent unhelpful data from appearing in your CRM. For example, Google “crawlers” may create records of visits that may seem as though they originated from a live person but are actually the by-product of an automated process. If you know a domain or IP address that creates these […]