Tracking Event Registrants Using Form Submissions

ClickDimensions includes a handy feature called Event Management that allows a user to create a connection between an Event Management service, such as GoToWebinar or WebEx, and automatically have records created within CRM to track the creation of events and registrants for said events. This works well if you are hosting events using the aforementioned services, […]

Update Lead Source Field on Form Submission with CRM Workflow

Want to update the Lead Source field on a Lead record based on which form the person filled out? You can do that with a Workflow. Base the workflow off of the Posted Form entity. Then we’ll check which form they submitted and update accordingly.   Set the Scope to Organization and keep it set […]

Use a CRM Workflow to Deactivate Leads or Contacts that have Hard Bounced

When it comes to email bounces, ClickDimensions makes a distinction between what are called Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces. Soft Bounces are less permanent issues, such as the recipient’s inbox was full. Hard Bounces are permanent and can be caused by an incorrect email in a Lead or Contact record. Since we automatically stop emailing […]

How to Send a Form Capture Email Notification

When a ClickDimensions form is submitted, you are able to use form actions to send out an email notification to user(s) that contains a report of all information submitted in the form. Unfortunately, when using Form Captures, these form actions are not available. However, there is still a way to produce these emails. If you have not already set […]

How to Send a Form Capture Auto Responder Email

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] ClickDimensions forms allow you to send an auto response email to a person who submits one of your forms. You can use a CRM workflow to create the same functionality for form captures. Create an email template for your auto response email, then create a new workflow by going to Settings > […]

Notify a User When a Target Lead Score is Reached

Does your business choose to pursue or qualify a lead after they have accumulated a specific score? If so, you can have notification emails sent to you whenever a lead reaches or surpasses the specified score using the following method. Add a “Score Reached” field to your lead record First we will need to add […]

Managing Subscription List Opt-Ins with a Workflow

<< Manage Subscription Opt-Ins Introduction Subscription Records >>   Opt-outs are handled by the creation of an Unsubscribe record and a Subscription Preferences record. Once you have created your Subscription Lists and Subscription Management Page you’ll need to set up how the people who opt-in to lists get on the right Marketing List. There are […]

Send a ClickDimensions Email via a CRM Workflow

There may come a time when you want to create an automated process based on a ClickDimensions entity. Our Form Actions, Nurture Programs, and Campaign Automations have helped make this process easier, but sometimes you may want something a bit more specific. In this article, we will create a CRM Workflow that will send a ClickDimensions […]

Update Marketing List Workflow Assembly

Use the Update Marketing List workflow assembly feature in the CRM workflows in order to add someone to a static marketing list or remove someone from a static marketing list. This can be very useful when trying to add someone to a Nurture Program or Campaign Automation automatically when some action occurs, such as the submission […]

Send a Recurring Automated Email to Contacts

Some businesses, such as financial institutions, need to regularly send the same email to their customers in order to check in with them or keep them abreast of certain information, such as their account balance. This could be accomplished by manually scheduling a new Email Send every month, or it can be handled for a […]