Track Clicks from Regular Emails, IMs, Etc.

If you are writing an email and you want to track a link but don’t want to use InboxCast, you can simply add a parameter to the end of the link. The parameter to add is _clde=email. Here is an example of what your link should look like: After the recipient clicks your link, all his […]

Link a Landing Page to a CRM Campaign and Analyze What is Driving Traffic to the Campaign

If you are promoting an event, product launch or other initiative it is helpful to create a landing page that contains content specific to that event to drive your visitors to a singular call to action like registering for the event, downloading collateral or watching a video. If you can link that landing page to […]

Building Marketing Lists Based on ClickDimensions Activity

Marketing Lists are a native CRM entity, but they are used extensively with a number of ClickDimensions features, such as Email Sends, forms, and Campaign Automations. Further still, customers often want to build new marketing lists comprised of customers of theirs who have all performed a certain ClickDimensions-tracked activity, such as clicking a link in […]

See Which Leads or Contacts Never Open Your Emails

If you have ever wanted to clean up your CRM by removing or deactivating leads or contacts who never read your mail, you can make a list of all of them through the following method. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Create a new static marketing list composed of either leads or contacts (this works with both, but […]

Link a Survey Response to a Case

Do you want to send a survey to your customer when a case is resolved and have the response linked to the case in CRM? Here is how: First, we will install a custom workflow assembly that will let us get a record’s ID so we can use it in a link. Then we will […]

Testing Your Forms

If you are designing a form and testing it out, be sure to clear your browser’s cache in between each time you submit the form. This is a good practice to avoid inconsistent results because ClickDimensions uses two methods to identify a visitor: the visitor’s ID which is set in a cookie that is cached […]

Add an Opt-in Field to a Form

If you want to make use of forms and subscription management for leads and contacts, but you do not want to use two separate records to do so, you can combine their functions through one of two methods. You can either combine the form and subscription page by linking the subscription page to the form confirmation […]

Mapping to a Lead’s Topic field: Hidden Form Fields

Sometimes it can be helpful to store information on a Lead or Contact record that the customer didn’t fill out themselves. For example, you may want to make a note of which form identified them, or that they submitted a special form on your website, or simply to have a Lead’s “Topic” field be filled […]

CSS Examples for Styling Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Pages

The ClickDimensions web content editors allow users to make a number of stylistic changes, such as changing the field layout, font colors, font type, etc. However, adding CSS to your record allows for many more styling options in addition to what is provided out-of-the-box. The following CSS examples can be added to your web content in […]

Send a Recurring Automated Email to Contacts

Some businesses, such as financial institutions, need to regularly send the same email to their customers in order to check in with them or keep them abreast of certain information, such as their account balance. This could be accomplished by manually scheduling a new Email Send every month, or it can be handled for a […]