Web Content Code Editor

Once you’ve created a ClickDimensions Form, Survey, or Subscription Management Page within the respective Web Content builders, you can customize your web content record even more with the Code Editor. This editor will allow you to add JavaScript and also to change or add CSS to the Form, Survey, or Subscription Management Page. [tab name=”CRM […]

How to Send a Form Capture Email Notification

When a ClickDimensions form is submitted, you are able to use form actions to send out an email notification to user(s) that contains a report of all information submitted in the form. Unfortunately, when using Form Captures, these form actions are not available. However, there is still a way to produce these emails. If you have not already set […]

Add an Anchor Link to an Email Template

Do you want your email to contain a link that will jump the reader to a specific place within the email? Setting up these types of links is a little different depending on which email template editor you are using. This article explains how to set up an Anchor and Anchor Link in the Drag […]

How to Send a Form Capture Auto Responder Email

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] ClickDimensions forms allow you to send an auto response email to a person who submits one of your forms. You can use a CRM workflow to create the same functionality for form captures. Create an email template for your auto response email, then create a new workflow by going to Settings > […]

Add an Outside Anchor Link to an Email

Do you have a hyperlink you’d like to add to your email that has an anchor on it? Meaning the link will take them partially down the page of a website. Tracking these types of links is a little different, so you’ll need to put the HTML in the Email Template directly. The HTML should be […]

Add an Outlook Calendar Event to an Email Template

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Step 1: Schedule an Outlook Appointment You can create the appointment on your own Outlook calendar, on a shared calendar, or on an extra calendar in your Calendar folder. Step 2: Save an ICS File Once you have created an appointment, you will need to save it as an .ics (calendar) file […]

Add User Photo to an Email Dynamically using the Photo URL Field

Have you ever wanted to send a more personalized email to a customer or client with information about their representative at your company? This article will explain how to send an email to a Lead or Contact containing a dynamically added image of their record owner. NOTE: This is only possible in the Free Style, Block, and Custom HTML editors […]

Secrets to Creating Great HTML For Email Marketing

Creating HTML emails isn’t rocket science but it can be tricky since email programs all display HTML in their own way. You’ll be much happier if you take the time to understand the mechanics of HTML and the basics of creating HTML specifically for emails. Let’s start with a few key points: You’re going to […]

Notify a User When a Target Lead Score is Reached

Does your business choose to pursue or qualify a lead after they have accumulated a specific score? If so, you can have notification emails sent to you whenever a lead reaches or surpasses the specified score using the following method. Add a “Score Reached” field to your lead record First we will need to add […]

Best Practices for Emails for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

The following practices should be considered when designing emails that you intend to send to smartphones or mobile devices. 1. Watch your email width: In order to ensure that the email is not too wide to be easily viewable on the screen, the width of the email should not exceed 600 px (by default, the […]