Unlock a Marketing List

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, marketing lists have the ability to be locked or unlocked by changing the value of the Locked field. Members cannot be added to or removed from a locked marketing list. There are certainly times where it is appropriate to lock a marketing list, but doing so may interfere with various ClickDimensions […]

Sign up for a Dynamics 365 trial

Follow the steps below to sign up for a trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Go to the Dynamics 365 trial sign-up page. On the Dynamics CRM trial sign-up page, select the country where you reside, and enter your contact information and language. Select an organization size, such as “25-49 people”. Click Just one more step. […]

Tracking Event Registrants Using Form Submissions

ClickDimensions includes a handy feature called Event Management that allows a user to create a connection between an Event Management service, such as GoToWebinar or WebEx, and automatically have records created within CRM to track the creation of events and registrants for said events. This works well if you are hosting events using the aforementioned services, […]

Using SQL to troubleshoot import issues

Sometimes you will come across unusual errors when attempting to import a solution in CRM. Here is a recent example of an import error that failed at the point of updating the “Entity Relationships” for a ClickDimensions upgrade attempt: “A managed solution cannot overwrite the Attribute component with Id=<some ID> which has an unmanaged base […]

How to Get Help With ClickDimensions

Here’s how to get the help you need: Search Notice that search box on the top right? Enter your search terms here to look across all of our product documentation (hundreds of articles!), training material, marketing blog, and support forums. Chances are you’ll find an answer. Still Have a Question? Can’t find what you’re looking for by […]

Manually Updating ClickDimensions

Manually updating ClickDimensions is going to be very similar to deploying it. This article will detail the whole process, but if you’ve deployed ClickDimensions, please note that there are just a few extra steps that you should be aware of. System Requirements: For on-premises deployments of CRM 2011, Update Rollup 12 or newer is required […]

Update Lead Source Field on Form Submission with CRM Workflow

Want to update the Lead Source field on a Lead record based on which form the person filled out? You can do that with a Workflow. Base the workflow off of the Posted Form entity. Then we’ll check which form they submitted and update accordingly.   Set the Scope to Organization and keep it set […]

Use a CRM Workflow to Deactivate Leads or Contacts that have Hard Bounced

When it comes to email bounces, ClickDimensions makes a distinction between what are called Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces. Soft Bounces are less permanent issues, such as the recipient’s inbox was full. Hard Bounces are permanent and can be caused by an incorrect email in a Lead or Contact record. Since we automatically stop emailing […]

What is and is not allowed in an Email?

What kind of content can I include in an email? 1. Text Every ClickDimensions email editor allows users to type in any text they would like to include in their email. Users can also paste text from other sources, such as Microsoft Word, but it is strongly advised to use the ‘paste as plain text’ […]

Mapping Form Fields to Lookup Fields

You have the ability to map form fields used in your ClickDimensions web forms to CRM lookup fields. This includes the out-of-the-box lookup fields as well as custom lookup fields.  You will need to create a Text or List Form Field and select the lookup field you would like to map to from the mappings […]