Web Content Web Responsiveness

<< Create a Form Introduction Embed a Form >> Any Form, Survey, or Subscription Management Page records created in ClickDimensions are set to be web responsive by default. This means that the layout of the fields and components on the Web Content record will dynamically rearrange in order to best fit the size of the display on […]

Link a Survey Response to a Case

Do you want to send a survey to your customer when a case is resolved and have the response linked to the case in CRM? Here is how: First, we will install a custom workflow assembly that will let us get a record’s ID so we can use it in a link. Then we will […]

Linking Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Pages

<< Image Manager Introduction Personalization >> This article explains how to combine a subscription page with a form or survey while eliminating the need to put an email address field on both pieces of web content. This also works between forms and surveys. You may often want to obtain subscription preference information from somebody at the […]

CSS Examples for Styling Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Pages

The ClickDimensions web content editors allow users to make a number of stylistic changes, such as changing the field layout, font colors, font type, etc. However, adding CSS to your record allows for many more styling options in addition to what is provided out-of-the-box. The following CSS examples can be added to your web content in […]