Introduction to Surveys

What are Surveys Used for? Surveys are a way to get feedback from your customer base or other clients. They allow users to answer a set of questions you provide to give you insight on how your product or service is being received. For example, users can submit valuable data such as a rating of […]

How to Create Survey Questions

Introduction Create Survey >>   IMPORTANT: Your CNAMEs and Domain records also need to be set up before you create your Survey Questions. ClickDimensions gives you the functionality to create your own surveys in CRM. When people submit a survey, all answers will come into your CRM. This article will cover how to create Survey […]

How to Create a ClickDimensions Survey

<< Create Survey Questions Introduction Survey Actions >>   [tab name=”Dynamics 365/CRM 2016″] ClickDimensions gives you the ability to create your own surveys in CRM. When people submit a survey, all answers will come into your CRM. This article will cover how to create a survey in CRM using ClickDimensions. IMPORTANT: Your CNAMEs and Domain records need […]

ClickDimensions Actions

<< Form Builder Form Introduction Embed Web Content >> With ClickDimensions Form Actions, you can specify certain actions to trigger once someone has submitted Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Management pages created with ClickDimensions. In this article, we will cover every Action and what it will do in CRM. In the Form, Survey, and Subscription Management Page […]

Embed Web Content

<< Actions Introduction Posted Form Records >>   Once you’ve created a Form, Survey, or Landing Page you’ll want to embed it in an email or on your website in some way. Video Written Instructions [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Step 1: Click Embed in the Web Content Designer Press the Embed Button on the Web Content you […]

Survey Statistics

[tab name=”Dynamics 365/CRM 2016″] Posted Survey Record When someone submits a ClickDimensions survey, a Posted Survey record is created in CRM. To see the Posted Surveys, go to Marketing > and scroll over until you see Posted Surveys. It will be under the Analytics heading. The Posted Survey record contains the Name of the completed […]

Clone a Web Content Record

After creating a Web Content record (such as a form, survey, subscription page or landing page), you may wish to create another that is very similar to it. This functionality is now available by Cloning the Web Content record. In order to clone the record, simply click the “Clone” button on the ribbon at the […]

Publishing Web Content

When creating a Web Content record, there are two parts to the process. First, you create the record itself within CRM, then you click save and click Design to open up the Web Content designer. Oftentimes, you may find that you want to change something about your Web Content after designing and embedding it. For […]

Identifying Anonymous Visitors

When someone visits your website for the first time, we create what is called an Anonymous Visitor record. We log their IP address and sometimes their location, but for the time being we know little else about them. We track Anonymous Visitors over time and can see which pages they view and assign scores to […]

Linking ClickDimensions Content in an Email

Any Web Content that you create in ClickDimensions, such as landing pages, surveys, profile management forms (or other forms), and subscription pages, can easily be linked to a ClickDimensions email template. To do so, open an Email Template (or create an Email Send), and click the icon representing the content you would like to add. A menu will […]