Introduction to Subscription Management

What are Subscription Lists Used for? Subscription lists are a way to allow customers or clients to choose which emails they would like to receive from you by letting them opt in to some and out of others. For example, a customer may want your newsletter and special offers emails but maybe not company events. […]

How to Create a Subscription List

<< Intro to Subscription Management Introduction Create a Subscription Page >>   IMPORTANT: Your CNAMEs and Domain records also need to be set up before creating your Subscription Lists. Creating subscription lists in ClickDimensions will provide your readers the ability to manage which marketing list(s) they want to continue to receive emails from. Before we […]

Create a Subscription Management Page

<< Create a Subscription List Introduction Manage Subscription Opt-Ins >>   In this article, we will show how to create a Subscription Management page using Subscription List records that have already been created. The Subscription Management page will show the user what their current preferences are if they have them already, and allow them to […]

ClickDimensions Actions

<< Form Builder Form Introduction Embed Web Content >> With ClickDimensions Form Actions, you can specify certain actions to trigger once someone has submitted Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Management pages created with ClickDimensions. In this article, we will cover every Action and what it will do in CRM. In the Form, Survey, and Subscription Management Page […]

Setting Up Double Opt-in With ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions places great emphasis on using permission-based marketing practices for email marketing. One standard practice that marketers like to employ to ensure they are building great, permission-based marketing lists, is the double opt-in. This method lets your website visitors sign up for your mailings, but doesn’t add them to your marketing list unless they then […]

Subscription Management Records

<< Manage Subscription Opt-Ins Introduction Unsubscribes >> In this article, we will cover the different records that are created when someone submits their subscription preferences using  Subscription form created with ClickDimensions. If you would like to learn how to create a Subscription form with ClickDimensions, please read the following posts: How to Create Subscription Lists […]

Manage Subscription Opt-Ins with an Action

<< Create a Subscription Page Introduction Manage Subscription Opt-Ins >>   Once you have created your Subscription Lists and Subscription Management Page you’ll need to set up how the people who opt-in to Subscription Lists are added to the right Marketing List(s). There are two ways of doing this. One way is to use a custom field and […]

Managing Subscription List Opt-Ins with a Workflow

<< Manage Subscription Opt-Ins Introduction Subscription Records >>   Opt-outs are handled by the creation of an Unsubscribe record and a Subscription Preferences record. Once you have created your Subscription Lists and Subscription Management Page you’ll need to set up how the people who opt-in to lists get on the right Marketing List. There are […]


<< Manage Subscription Records Introduction   There are a couple ways people can unsubscribe from your emails. [tab name=”CRM 2016″] Unsubscribe Snippet The first is universally unsubscribing from all emails sent by you through ClickDimensions by clicking on the Unsubscribe Snippet that you place in your emails. When they click on the link, a window opens […]

ClickDimensions Unsubscribe Process

In this article we’ll discuss how ClickDimensions excludes recipients based on whether they have unsubscribed via the ClickDimensions Unsubscribe Code Snippet or ClickDimensions Subscription Management, as well as how to manually unsubscribe a recipient. Video Written Instructions [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Exclusion via the ClickDimensions Unsubscribe Code Snippet (Global Unsubscribe) If a reader unsubscribes via the […]