Introduction to Nurture Programs

What are Nurtures and What are They Used for? The Nurture Program is a program that can perform specific actions depending on a lead or contact’s interactions with your company. It is executed based on a customer’s response to an email, such as whether they opened it, clicked on a link, etc. For example, nurtures […]

How to Create a Nurture Program

Introduction Run a Nurture on a Lead or Contact >>   The Nurture Program feature in ClickDimensions lets you create an automated process revolving around sending emails to your Leads and Contacts. There are two ways you can trigger a Nurture Program to run on a specific Lead or Contact: 1. Add a Lead/Contact to […]

Running Nurture Programs on Individual Lead and Contact Records

<< Create Nurture Introduction Nurture Program Timeline >>   [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Associating Marketing Lists to Nurture Programs is not the only way to apply the Nurture Program to Leads and Contacts.  You can also do this directly on the Lead and Contact record by selecting a Lead or Contact and choosing Run Nurture from the […]

Nurture Program Timeline

<< Run on Lead and Contact Records Introduction Clone Nurture Program >> ClickDimensions Nurture Programs let you set in motion an automated process which branches based on the response to emails by your recipients. This article covers how to see where a specific recipient is in a Nurture Program or to see what steps actually […]

Clone a Nurture Program

<< Nurture Program Timeline Introduction Use CRM Workflow >> After having created a Nurture Program, it’s likely you may want to re-use it while changing key information or making slight adjustments but keeping an original as well. You can easily do this by clicking the Clone button after you have saved your changes. [tab name=”CRM […]

Update Marketing List Workflow Assembly

Use the Update Marketing List workflow assembly feature in the CRM workflows in order to add someone to a static marketing list or remove someone from a static marketing list. This can be very useful when trying to add someone to a Nurture Program or Campaign Automation automatically when some action occurs, such as the submission […]

Use a CRM Workflow For Automated Drip Marketing

Because it is easy to send ClickDimensions emails using a Microsoft CRM workflow, in addition to using the ClickDimensions Campaign Automation Builder, you can also quickly build automated drip programs using the Microsoft CRM workflow engine. You can do so by following these three steps: You can create a CRM workflow by navigating to Settings > Processes > […]

Error: “Error in AddMemberList plugin, Principal user is missing prvReadcdi_nurturebuilder privilege”

When a User in your CRM environment attempts to add a member to a Marketing List, They may encounter the following error: Error in AddMemberList plugin, Principal user is missing prvReadcdi_nurturebuilder privilege This error occurs because the User does not have the Read privilege set for the Nurture Program Entity in their Security roles. Users who […]

Send Different Emails in a Nurture Program Depending Upon Which Link was Clicked in a Previous Email

NOTE: Since the release of ClickDimensions version 7.0.0, this is best achieved via Campaign Automation, rather than Nurture Program.  Click here to learn more about Campaign Automation. The ClickDimensions Nurture builder provides users two different conditional branches: has prospect clicked link? and has prospect opened email? These get the job done in most situations, but […]