Introduction to Lead Scoring

What is Lead Scoring? Scoring refers to measuring the interest level of an individual (i.e. Lead, Contact or Anonymous Visitor) in relation to your business or product. Score is calculated based on a number of criteria, including email clicks, web form submissions, visits, page views, link clicks and file downloads. The more someone clicks on your emails and visits your […]

Lead Grading and Scoring

Terminology Check The term Lead Scoring in the marketing automation space can be a bit confusing for CRM users. This is because CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM have records for individuals named Leads and Contacts. For the purposes of this post, we’ll just talk about scoring and it will refer to any individual. That […]

Where to Find Score Information

ClickDimensions scores your leads, contacts, and anonymous visitors. The scoring is based on several different actions including submitting a Form (or receiving an error when submitting a form), visiting your website, each page visited, CRM opportunity created or lost, and clicks on email links. [tab name=”CRM 2016″] These are given a default value when you […]

Notify a User When a Target Lead Score is Reached

Does your business choose to pursue or qualify a lead after they have accumulated a specific score? If so, you can have notification emails sent to you whenever a lead reaches or surpasses the specified score using the following method. Add a “Score Reached” field to your lead record First we will need to add […]