Email Server IP Addresses

Mail sent through ClickDimensions is delivered from servers at the following IP addresses. (Note: If your company employs certain types of filters, you may need to enter these IP addresses to permit sending mail through ClickDimensions to your internal recipients. The default sending domains are also included for each IP set.  Depending on the spam […]

ClickDimensions Execute Send Workflow

The ClickDimensions solution includes several workflows that are used to help automate different processes in CRM. A significant workflow among these is the ClickDimensions Execute Send workflow. This workflow is used in the process of sending out a scheduled Email Send and in split tests, and is triggered when the Email Send’s status changes from […]

Building Marketing Lists Based on ClickDimensions Activity

Marketing Lists are a native CRM entity, but they are used extensively with a number of ClickDimensions features, such as Email Sends, forms, and Campaign Automations. Further still, customers often want to build new marketing lists comprised of customers of theirs who have all performed a certain ClickDimensions-tracked activity, such as clicking a link in […]

Considerations when performing a database restore for a CRM system integrated with ClickDimensions

When performing a restore of a CRM database, it is important to note that in certain scenarios Email Sends which have completed may run again after the database restore is complete. Understanding Scheduled Email Sends Email Sends which are scheduled to run in the future use workflows in CRM.  These workflows wait until the date/time […]

About Blacklists

You may occasionally see a bounce that has been recorded for an email you sent, and the reason for the bounce refers to a blacklist. Bounces are a normal part of sending email, and blacklists are a normal part of the way that email works. ClickDimensions believes in transparency, providing our customers with complete visibility […]