Introduction to Forms

What are Forms Used for? Forms allow your visitors to submit information such as their name, location, and email address, which you can then store in your CRM. Such information can be used in a great variety of ways and can help you, for example, see in which areas your product has garnered the most […]

Create Individual Form Fields

Introduction Create a Form with Form Builder >> Video Written Instructions Whether you are creating your forms in Microsoft CRM using the Form Capture records or the Form Builder, you will start by creating Form Fields. If you have an existing web form, look at the forms on your web site and list all the […]

Create a Form with the Form Builder

<< Create Form Fields Introduction Form Actions >> With ClickDimensions, you can build your own forms or you can integrate ones that currently exist on your website. Form Fields can be created before you create the actual form or during this process. IMPORTANT: Your CNAMEs and Domain records also need to be set up before creating […]

Profile Management

Profile Management allows you to put a link to a form in your emails that will pre populate with that Contact or Lead’s information. This means you can show them what information you already have and let them update the current information and/or add new information. Read or watch the video. NOTE: For the form […]

Mapping Form Fields to Lookup Fields

NOTE: This feature is currently only available to customers on our US data center. As the new release rolls out to the other regions the EU and AU will also have access to this feature. See the full release notes here for updates. However, the first example is already available to all data centers. You […]

ClickDimensions Actions

<< Form Builder Form Introduction Embed Web Content >> With ClickDimensions Form Actions, you can specify certain actions to trigger once someone has submitted Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Management pages created with ClickDimensions. In this article, we will cover every Action and what it will do in CRM. In the Form, Survey, and Subscription Management Page […]

Embed Web Content

<< Actions Introduction Posted Form Records >>   Once you’ve created a Form, Survey, or Landing Page you’ll want to embed it in an email or on your website in some way. Video Written Instructions [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Step 1: Click Embed in the Web Content Designer Press the Embed Button on the Web Content you […]

Publish Metadata

After installing ClickDimensions in Microsoft CRM, you must publish your CRM’s metadata to our system. Publishing your CRM’s metadata will make custom fields available for use in creating Email Templates or when mapping Form Fields for use in a ClickDimensions Form. (For example, if you have added a field to the Contact entity to track the […]

Steps to Check Before Using Form Capture Records

<< Create Form Fields Introduction Form Capture Integration >> ClickDimensions Form Capture records allow you to integrate an existing HTML form from your website into your CRM. In this article, we will go through the key elements that need to be in place before integrating your form with Microsoft CRM using ClickDimensions. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] […]

Integrating Forms using Form Capture

<< Steps to Check Introduction Posted Form Records >>   ClickDimensions Form Capture records allow you to integrate an existing form with your CRM. Before integrating your form, please make sure that you have read this article. In this article we will cover how to create a Form Capture record, adding Form Capture fields, and taking […]