What does “XMLDoc property not set!” mean?

If you’ve gotten an  error that says “XMLDoc property not set!”: Go to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings and click on Metadata.

Adding a Personal View in CRM

Microsoft CRM offers numerous built-in data views for each entity, such as views of active records, inactive records, and records owned by you. Each view is more or less an advanced find and shows different data pertaining to the entity depending upon what search criteria are set. [tab name=”CRM 2016″] You can swap between different […]

Email Server IP Addresses

Mail sent through ClickDimensions is delivered from servers at the following IP addresses. (Note: If your company employs certain types of filters, you may need to enter these IP addresses to permit sending mail through ClickDimensions to your internal recipients. The default sending domains are also included for each IP set.  Depending on the spam […]

What time was my email really sent?

ClickDimensions will record in your CRM the date and time an email was sent in a few different places. Read below to understand where to find this information and understand what it is telling you. The Email Send The Email Send is the record in CRM that represents the email job that you have put […]

About Blacklists

You may occasionally see a bounce that has been recorded for an email you sent, and the reason for the bounce refers to a blacklist. Bounces are a normal part of sending email, and blacklists are a normal part of the way that email works. ClickDimensions believes in transparency, providing our customers with complete visibility […]