Test an Email Send

<< Edit Template in an Email Send Record Introduction Send an Email Send >> Once you’ve created your Email Send, you will want to test the email prior to sending it to ensure it displays as you want it to in your email client. When you test an email, you will probably want to test […]

Deliverability: DKIM Signing

ClickDimensions employs industry-standard best practices to ensure the highest level of deliverability for its customers. One of these practices is the use of DKIM Signing. DKIM signing is a way for an email to be associated with a sending domain by the inclusion of an encrypted signature in the email’s header. This signature corresponds to a […]

How Do I Keep My Email Out of Spam Filters?

Email marketing is a bit like an arms race: ISPs and mail providers want to keep unsolicited and dangerous email out of their customers’ inboxes, and marketers want to get their message to their opted-in audience quickly and en masse. This can often lead to an audience missing emails that they want due to an […]

Dedicated IP Addresses

Some large-volume customers may wish to purchase a dedicated IP address for their ClickDimensions email. A dedicated IP address is available at an additional monthly charge. Here are some things to know when considering a dedicated IP address: A dedicated IP address does not change the speed of email processing. A dedicated IP address starts […]

What is a spam complaint, and what should I do about it?

Overview: Receiving a spam complaint notification can be unsettling, but it can happen to the best marketers. This article outlines what a spam complaint is, and what you should do about it. Scenario: Spam complaints can arise through a variety of sources and for a variety of reasons. Even if you’ve practiced the best permission-based […]

ClickDimensions Bounce Codes and Service Protection

In email marketing ‘bounce’ is the term given to any email that returned an error stating that the email did not make it to the recipient. The terms hard and soft bounce are commonly used and it is generally accepted that a hard bounce is a permanent failure whereas a soft bounce is a failure […]

SPF Records For ClickDimensions

The Short Version (For Advanced Administrators): To include the ClickDimensions mail servers in your SPF record, simply add this include statement to your SPF record at your domain’s DNS host: include:customers.clickdimensions.com TIP: Check to make sure your SPF record is valid by using a tool like Kitterman.com. What Happens If I Don’t Set up an SPF […]

Email Server IP Addresses

Mail sent through ClickDimensions is delivered from servers at the following IP addresses. (Note: If your company employs certain types of filters, you may need to enter these IP addresses to permit sending mail through ClickDimensions to your internal recipients. The default sending domains are also included for each IP set.  Depending on the spam […]

Unsubscribes and the CAN-SPAM Act

In 2003, the United States passed the CAN-SPAM act to prevent citizens from receiving unsolicited and disrupting spam messages through email. The following is a basic summary of the major points of the bill. All emails must have: An obvious unsubscribe link A truthful and accurate subject line and from email address The street address […]

About Blacklists

You may occasionally see a bounce that has been recorded for an email you sent, and the reason for the bounce refers to a blacklist. Bounces are a normal part of sending email, and blacklists are a normal part of the way that email works. ClickDimensions believes in transparency, providing our customers with complete visibility […]