Free Style Editor: Layout Manager – Upload HTML or HTM Files

<< Intro to Free Style Editor Introduction Image Manager >>   In the Free Style Editor you can insert a layout so that you can have something to work with and you don’t have to start from scratch. If you’d like to use some of our layouts that we’ve created, you can download a zip folder of them […]

Free Style Editor: Image Manager

<< Layout Manager Introduction Hyperlink Manager >> When you are designing an Email Template or Web Content record, you can use the Image Manager to insert images and add links to images. Written Instructions First place your cursor where you want the image to be inserted and then click on the Image Manager button. That […]

Free Style Editor: Hyperlink Manager

<< Image Manager Introduction Personalization >> The Hyperlink Manager allows you to add links to your text and images in the Email Template. To add links to your images, use the Image Manager. First select the text you want to hyperlink. Then click on the Hyperlink button: This will open the Hyperlink Manager window: Website […]

Block Editor: Image Manager

<< Set Text Introduction Hyperlink Manager >>   When you’re designing an Email Template in the Block Editor you can use the Image Manager to insert images in an HTML content block. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Place your cursor where you want the image to go and click on the Image Manager button: That will open […]

Block Editor: Hyperlink Manager

<< Set Text Editor Introduction Hyperlink Manager >> In the Block Editor you can insert a hyperlink into your email. Highlight the text or select the image you’d like to hyperlink and then click on the Hyperlink Manager button in the ribbon. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] That will open the Hyperlink Manager Dialog. Hyperlink Tab URL: Place […]

Add an Anchor Link to an Email Template

Do you want your email to contain a link that will jump the reader to a specific place within the email? Setting up these types of links is a little different depending on which email template editor you are using. This article explains how to set up an Anchor and Anchor Link in the Drag […]

Free Style Editor: Personalization

<< Hyperlink Manager Introduction Social Sharing >>   One of the benefits of using ClickDimensions in your CRM is that you can personalize your email with CRM data. You can personalize the email with information from Lead, Contact, and Account records as well as the Sender record. In this example, we are going to personalize the email […]

Add an Outside Anchor Link to an Email

Do you have a hyperlink you’d like to add to your email that has an anchor on it? Meaning the link will take them partially down the page of a website. Tracking these types of links is a little different, so you’ll need to put the HTML in the Email Template directly. The HTML should be […]

Document Manager – Add an “Attachment”

When you send a normal email, you might attach a document of some sort to it. In ClickDimensions, the way to do this is through linking a document to text or an image. When the link is clicked the document will either download or open in their browser depending on their email client settings. NOTE: […]

Free Style Editor: Social Sharing

<< Personalization Introduction Inbox Preview >> ClickDimensions Social Share feature lets you insert links into your emails that will let your recipients share the email on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. If it is shared you will see this in the social statistics section of the Email Send. This article will cover the steps on […]