Send a Recurring Automated Email to Contacts

Some businesses, such as financial institutions, need to regularly send the same email to their customers in order to check in with them or keep them abreast of certain information, such as their account balance. This could be accomplished by manually scheduling a new Email Send every month, or it can be handled for a […]

Introduction to FreeMarker with ClickDimensions

Syntax and Interpolations >> What is FreeMarker? FreeMarker code is, in essence, a “template engine” designed to generate text output based on templates and changing data.  It’s meant to prepare the data to display in real programming language. With ClickDimensions, you can use FreeMarker code when creating email templates to dynamically change to reference the Owner, […]

FreeMarker: Syntax and Interpolations

 << Introduction to FreeMarker Personalization Menu >>   A FreeMarker template consists of one of at least three elements: Interpolations: ${…} These sections will be replaced with a calculated value in the output. Interpolations are delimited by ${ and } FTL Tags; #if, #else, #list, etc. FTL tags are a bit similar to HTML tags, but […]

FreeMarker: Personalization Menu

 << Syntax and Interpolations If/Else Statements >> The simplest way to add dynamic content to a ClickDimensions email template is to use the Personalization Menu. These menu options allow you to generate dynamic content for any field on the Lead, Contact, Account, and User entities within CRM. To access the Personalization Menu within your Drag and […]

FreeMarker: Conditional Statements

  << Personalization Menu FreeMarker Restrictions >> About Conditional Statements A Conditional statement allows you to dynamically determine which content will display in an email for a recipient based on information stored in CRM.  For example, you can display specific content in an email template based on the recipient’s gender. Important: When setting up a conditional statement you […]

FreeMarker: Restrictions

 << If/Else Statements Understanding Basic Render Errors >> Here are some restrictions to keep in mind when using FreeMarker code to dynamically reference CRM fields: Test Emails Most FreeMarker code will not populate in an email that’s been sent via the Test button.  This is normal.  This is because there is no specific recipient (Account, […]

FreeMarker: Understanding Basic Render Errors

 << Restrictions with FreeMarker Common Uses >>   If FreeMarker is formatted incorrectly within an email template, you may experience a render error when you attempt to send the email.  If your email has a render error, it cannot be processed or sent out. Here are some basic causes of some render errors: Forgotten pieces […]

FreeMarker: Common Uses

 << Understanding Basic Render Errors   At the most basic level, FreeMarker code is a great way to dynamically insert values from Lead/Contact/Account/User records into ClickDimensions email templates.  However, the scope for ways to use FreeMarker code is very large.  Here are some examples of other applications of FreeMarker code within email templates: Insert Dynamic […]

Creating automated and personalized birthday emails

Have you ever met somebody who doesn’t like birthday greetings? The simple gesture of acknowledging somebody’s birthday almost always brings a smile to their face. Sending birthday greetings to your customers is an easy way to both keep you on their minds and promote a positive relationship. ClickDimensions and CRM can be used to create […]

About Blacklists

You may occasionally see a bounce that has been recorded for an email you sent, and the reason for the bounce refers to a blacklist. Bounces are a normal part of sending email, and blacklists are a normal part of the way that email works. ClickDimensions believes in transparency, providing our customers with complete visibility […]