Drag and Drop Editor: Setup

<< Intro to Email Marketing Introduction Add Image >> If you chose the Drag and Drop editor when you created your Email template, follow the steps here to create a great looking email! This editor automatically makes your email responsive, which means it will look good on smaller screens like phones as well as on larger […]

Drag and Drop Editor: Add Image

<< Set up Layout Introduction Add Text>>   Watch a Video on Adding an Image Written Instructions Click on the Image Only or Text and Image block within the editor.  The right side menu will change menu options pertaining to that particular selected block.  If you select a Text and Image block, you will see text […]

Drag and Drop Editor: Add Text

<< Add an Image Introduction Add Personalization>> Watch a Video on Adding Text Written Instructions Select any block that contains space for text and you will see the text editor in the sidebar. Here you can type your text or use the Paste as Plain Text button to paste text from elsewhere. Press the Style button […]

Email Editors: Personalization

<< Add Text Introduction Pull Elements from a Web Page>> One of the benefits of using ClickDimensions in your CRM is that you can personalize your email with CRM data. You can personalize the email with information from Lead, Contact, and Account records as well as the Sender record. In this example, we are going to […]

Pull Elements From a Web Page into the Drag and Drop Editor

<< Personalization Introduction Social Sharing Block >> This feature supports pulling content from web pages that use the Open Graph tagging protocol to identify content elements. (Please note that ClickDimensions does not provide assistance for implementing Open Graph on your website.) Read more about Open Graph. Step 1: Select the URL Select and copy the URL […]

Drag and Drop Editor: Social Sharing Block

<< Pull Elements from a Web Page Introduction Drag and Drop Editor: Social Links Block >> If you would like to allow your readers to share this email on their social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Google+, you can add a social sharing block. NOTE: This is different than the social links block option within the […]

Drag and Drop Editor: Social Links Block

<< Drag and Drop Editor: Social Sharing Block Introduction Hyperlink Manager and Anchors >>   If you would like to link your recipients to your organization’s social networking sites for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, you can add the social links block. NOTE: This is different than the social sharing block option […]

Email Editors: Hyperlink Manager

<< Add Personalization Introduction Social Sharing Block>> The Hyperlink Manager allows you to add a variety of different links, such as standard hyperlinks, unsubscribe links, and mailTo links, to the content of Email Templates. NOTE: The Drag and Drop Editor and Freestyle Editor have identical Hyperlink Managers, so they will be discussed in tandem. Drag and Drop & […]

Drag and Drop Editor: Hover Menu – Lock, Clone, and Delete Blocks

<< Social Sharing Block Introduction Preview >> Watch a Video on the Hover Menu: Lock, Clone, and Delete Blocks Links Mentioned in Video ClickDimensions Security Roles Written Instructions There are three additional options when you hover over a block in the Drag and Drop editor. Option 1: Lock To see the option for locking a block […]

Drag and Drop Editor: Preview

<< Hover Menu Introduction Inbox Preview >>   There are two ways to preview the email from within the Drag and Drop Editor: Click the Preview button next to Design to see a preview and a mobile preview: Once you feel like you are done with your email, you can use the Inbox Preview to see how […]