New Release: July and October/November 2016

ClickDimensions Release Update Version 8.2.0 Highlighted below are the key features in our July & November 2016 releases Customers using CRM 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. All updates are free and simple to complete. Not all new features are available for all […]

Introduction to Campaign Automation

Series, Actions, and Timers >> Campaign Automations allow you to set up a dynamic paths for a contact or lead to follow based on actions taken by that contact or lead. For example, if the contact fills out a form you can send them an email then wait to see if they click on Link […]

Campaign Automation: Series, Actions, and Timers

<< Intro. to Campaign Automation Introduction Submitted Form Trigger >>   When building a Campaign Automation, once a participant (Lead or Contact in the Campaign Automation) completes a trigger, you will want to take action, whether it is sending an email to the participant, assigning the participant to a different user, notifying users, etc… All of this […]

Campaign Automation: Submitted Form Trigger

<< Series, Actions, and Timers Introduction Email Interaction Trigger >>   The Submitted Form trigger may be used as an Entry Point Trigger or as an Internal Trigger. If the trigger is an entry point and a contact or lead has filled out the selected form, the Campaign Automation will begin. Add a Submitted Form trigger to […]

Campaign Automation: Email Interaction Trigger

<< Submitted Form Trigger Introduction Added to List Trigger >>   The Email Interaction trigger may be used as an Entry Point Trigger or an Internal Trigger. If the trigger is an entry point an Email Send draft will be selected and then sent when the Campaign Automation is Published. It will then check to see which contacts […]

Campaign Automation: Added to List Trigger

<< Email Interaction Trigger Introduction Manual Add Trigger >>   The Added to List trigger may be used as an Entry Point Trigger or as an Internal Trigger. If this trigger is an entry point, any time a contact or lead is added to the specified static-type marketing list, that contact or lead will enter the campaign automation. To use […]

Campaign Automation: Manual Add Trigger

<< Added to List Trigger Introduction Decision Node >>   Adding the Manual Add trigger to your campaign automation will give you the ability to add a contact or lead to the campaign automation manually from the contact/lead record. The Manual Add trigger can only be used as an Entry Point Trigger. To use the Manual Add trigger, drag and drop […]

Campaign Automation: Decision Node

<< Manual Add Trigger Introduction Negative Path >>   The Decision Node is used in Campaign Automations to determine which path a participant (Lead or Contact in the Campaign Automation) will go down based on specified criteria. Interested in attending a live webinar about Campaign Automation? Click here to register! The Decision Node will automatically appear once you connect […]

Campaign Automation: Negative Path

<< Decision Node Introduction Send Email Action >>   All triggers (with the exception of Manual Add) in a Campaign Automation have the ability to check if the participant (Lead or Contact in the Campaign Automation) did not complete the trigger event within a certain amount of time. Interested in attending a live training webinar on Campaign […]

Campaign Automation: Send Email Action

<< Negative Path Introduction Add to List Action >>   The Send Email action is used in campaign automations to send a ClickDimensions email to an individual lead or contact that is in a campaign automation. Actions are located within a series. To learn more about series and actions, read this article. NOTE: The Send Email Action will check the values […]