How Do I Keep My Email Out of Spam Filters?

Email marketing is a bit like an arms race: ISPs and mail providers want to keep unsolicited and dangerous email out of their customers’ inboxes, and marketers want to get their message to their opted-in audience quickly and en masse. This can often lead to an audience missing emails that they want due to an […]

Secrets to Creating Great HTML For Email Marketing

Creating HTML emails isn’t rocket science but it can be tricky since email programs all display HTML in their own way. You’ll be much happier if you take the time to understand the mechanics of HTML and the basics of creating HTML specifically for emails. Let’s start with a few key points: You’re going to […]

Best Practices for Emails for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

The following practices should be considered when designing emails that you intend to send to smartphones or mobile devices. 1. Watch your email width: In order to ensure that the email is not too wide to be easily viewable on the screen, the width of the email should not exceed 600 px (by default, the […]

HTML Email Best Practice Recommendations

Not all email clients process HTML the same way. In order to be certain that your emails will be displayed as intended in as many email clients as possible, we recommend that you follow these best practice recommendations: In order to have the entire width of an email display on all devices, the email template should be […]

What is a spam complaint, and what should I do about it?

Overview: Receiving a spam complaint notification can be unsettling, but it can happen to the best marketers. This article outlines what a spam complaint is, and what you should do about it. Scenario: Spam complaints can arise through a variety of sources and for a variety of reasons. Even if you’ve practiced the best permission-based […]

SPF Records For ClickDimensions

The Short Version (For Advanced Administrators): To include the ClickDimensions mail servers in your SPF record, simply add this include statement to your SPF record at your domain’s DNS host: TIP: Check to make sure your SPF record is valid by using a tool like What Happens If I Don’t Set up an SPF […]

Testing Your Forms

If you are designing a form and testing it out, be sure to clear your browser’s cache in between each time you submit the form. This is a good practice to avoid inconsistent results because ClickDimensions uses two methods to identify a visitor: the visitor’s ID which is set in a cookie that is cached […]

Considerations when performing a database restore for a CRM system integrated with ClickDimensions

When performing a restore of a CRM database, it is important to note that in certain scenarios Email Sends which have completed may run again after the database restore is complete. Understanding Scheduled Email Sends Email Sends which are scheduled to run in the future use workflows in CRM.  These workflows wait until the date/time […]