Can I add custom fields to ClickDimensions entities?

Yes. You can add custom fields to ClickDimensions entities. Follow the best practices outlined below: Forms If you wish to add your own custom fields to ClickDimensions forms, such as the Email Send form, we strongly recommend that you add your own section to the form, and place your custom fields in the new section. […]

Considerations when performing a database restore or Sandbox copy/reset for a CRM system integrated with ClickDimensions

When performing a restore of a CRM database, it is important to note that in certain scenarios Email Sends which have completed may run again after the database restore is complete. WARNING: When you import a copy of your production environment into your Sandbox, all connection details remain the same as in production. If plugins […]

Migration and Upgrade Scenarios for ClickDimensions

What you need to do with your ClickDimensions solution if you are upgrading CRM or moving your CRM deployment Introduction Migrating or upgrading a CRM organization that includes ClickDimensions requires careful consideration. This is because each ClickDimensions account is integrated deeply with a single CRM organization database by means of an embedded Account Key that […]

Add a Sender to the Safe Sender List

Many email applications and email providers will try to filter out unwanted or spam emails. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in filtering out email that you actually want in your inbox. One way that you can help to ensure that you receive emails that you want is to add the sender to your safe senders […]

Permission-Based Email Marketing

ClickDimensions’ terms and conditions require that all of our customers adhere to permission-based marketing practices. Following are frequently asked questions about what this means. What is Permission-Based marketing? Permission-based marketing means that your prospects, leads, and customers have directly granted your firm permission to market to them. In email marketing, this means that they have […]

Notifying Website Visitors About Tracking

Some countries and jurisdictions require websites to notify visitors about the types of tracking technologies used on the website and by the website owner. ClickDimensions has developed an example script that will show an alert to a website visitor to notify them about tracking. You can use this sample script by copying it to your […]

Moving Customizations from Dev to Test to Production when ClickDimensions is Installed

Many times an Organization will have multiple versions of CRM setup to manage deployments and testing. Typical names for some these environments are as follows: Production (Prod) – This is the main CRM environment that is open to the end user. Any changes done to this environment typically went through a testing and release process […]

ClickDimensions Enterprise Planning Guide

This document is designed to help Enterprise customers and their CRM partners plan for a successful, performant ClickDimensions integration. Beyond the normal deployment and setup steps described on our help site, ClickDimensions customers who plan on sending high volumes of email or tracking high numbers of website visits should follow the steps in this document […]

Considerations for CRM and SQL Server Performance

Implementing a fully-integrated marketing automation solution like ClickDimensions can reveal areas of your CRM deployment that require optimization. Depending on your usage of different feature areas of ClickDimensions, the volume of both data and queries against the CRM system can increase significantly. While ClickDimensions has no direct interaction with the SQL Server in a CRM […]

Setting Up Double Opt-in With ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions places great emphasis on using permission-based marketing practices for email marketing. One standard practice that marketers like to employ to ensure they are building great, permission-based marketing lists, is the double opt-in. This method lets your website visitors sign up for your mailings, but doesn’t add them to your marketing list unless they then […]