Campaign Automation: Statistics

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The statistics for your Campaign Automation are found within the Campaign Automation Builder, under the Statistics tab.

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NOTE: This is currently a BETA feature for ClickDimensions. BETA features are in their first iteration and may encounter issues when used at scale in production, so we would love to hear your feedback on how well they work for you and if you encounter any specific issues with these features. To provide feedback on the BETA features, you can submit a support request. Please provide our team with as much detail as possible – screenshots, error messages and any other information will be very helpful as we finalize these features for upcoming releases.

Within the Statistics tab view, you can see the number of active leads or contacts currently going through each step within the Campaign Automation.  You can also see the number of leads and contacts who completed each step.

The percentage at the top of each trigger represents the percentage of participants who reached each node.

CAB Percentages

The icons within the rectangles indicate the participants who are currently going through a series and the participants who have completed a series.

CAB Series Statistics

How do we calculate these statistics?

The total % of participants who reached a series: Any participant who had reached the series should be counted in, regardless of the participant’s state (i.e. completed, active, paused, error, error recovery, stopped, or skipped – as in, trigger achieved scenario).


The # of active instances: Only participants that have not completed but can potentially complete the series (i.e. active, paused, or error recovery).


The # of completed instances: Only participants that have completed the series.


Viewing the related records within CRM

Within the Campaign Automation CRM record, you can view the related records within the associated menu; this will show you all of the email events, email sends, posted forms, sent emails, web content, and form captures associated with the open Campaign Automation record.

Feature Added: November 2015
Feature Updated: July 2016
ClickDimensions Version Need: 7.0
<< Date Timer Introduction Campaign Automation: Participants >>