Email Statistics: Email Clients

<< Email Send Statistics Report Introduction Email Statistics: Conversions >>   If you would like to review information about which devices and email clients your readers are viewing your ClickDimensions emails on, access these statistics from the Email Statistics menu under the Email Clients tab. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Open the Email Send record under the […]

Email Statistics: Recipients

<< Email Statistics: Click Report Introduction Email Statistics: Click Heat Map >>   If you would like to review a list of every recipient to whom your Email Send was sent and see how they interacted with the email, access these statistics from the Email Statistics menu under the Recipients tab. Open the Email Send record under the […]

CSS Examples for Styling Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Pages

The ClickDimensions web content editors allow users to make a number of stylistic changes, such as changing the field layout, font colors, font type, etc. However, adding CSS to your record allows for many more styling options in addition to what is provided out-of-the-box. The following CSS examples can be added to your web content in […]

Send a Recurring Automated Email to Contacts

Some businesses, such as financial institutions, need to regularly send the same email to their customers in order to check in with them or keep them abreast of certain information, such as their account balance. This could be accomplished by manually scheduling a new Email Send every month, or it can be handled for a […]

FreeMarker: Personalization Menu

 << Syntax and Interpolations If/Else Statements >> The simplest way to add dynamic content to a ClickDimensions email template is to use the Personalization Menu. These menu options allow you to generate dynamic content for any field on the Lead, Contact, Account, and User entities within CRM. To access the Personalization Menu within your Drag and […]

Pre-populate a form with data from the recipient’s parent account

It has long been possible to streamline the form submission process for your customers by pre-populating forms sent out through ClickDimensions emails (if you are not familiar with this process, you can read about it here on our help site). This is great, but you can only populate data from the recipient’s record, so what […]

Creating automated and personalized birthday emails

Have you ever met somebody who doesn’t like birthday greetings? The simple gesture of acknowledging somebody’s birthday almost always brings a smile to their face. Sending birthday greetings to your customers is an easy way to both keep you on their minds and promote a positive relationship. ClickDimensions and CRM can be used to create […]

Sending SMS messages from Microsoft CRM workflow

With ClickDimensions you can not only send bulk SMS messages from Microsoft CRM, but you can also send SMS messages from a CRM workflow. In this help article we will show you how to do so. In this example we are going to create a workflow process to send an SMS message to a CRM […]

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