Error: “Wrong orgname value” error on the ClickDimensions Settings page

You may see an error like the following when navigating to the ClickDimensions Settings page in one of your CRM environments: Cause: There are two possibilities for this error: Your CRM sitemap has been migrated from another environment that also contains ClickDimensions The wrong ClickDimensions solution has been imported into CRM or the CRM database […]

Migration and Upgrade Scenarios for ClickDimensions

What you need to do with your ClickDimensions solution if you are upgrading CRM or moving your CRM deployment Introduction Migrating or upgrading a CRM organization that includes ClickDimensions requires careful consideration. This is because each ClickDimensions account is integrated deeply with a single CRM organization database by means of an embedded Account Key that […]

Using SQL to troubleshoot import issues

Sometimes you will come across unusual errors when attempting to import a solution in CRM. Here is a recent example of an import error that failed at the point of updating the “Entity Relationships” for a ClickDimensions upgrade attempt: “A managed solution cannot overwrite the Attribute component with Id=<some ID> which has an unmanaged base […]