FreeMarker: Common Uses

 << Understanding Basic Render Errors   At the most basic level, FreeMarker code is a great way to dynamically insert values from Lead/Contact/Account/User records into ClickDimensions email templates.  However, the scope for ways to use FreeMarker code is very large.  Here are some examples of other applications of FreeMarker code within email templates: Insert Dynamic […]

Send Different Emails in a Nurture Program Depending Upon Which Link was Clicked in a Previous Email

NOTE: Nurture Programs are no longer included in the package for new customers. Instead use our much improved Campaign Automations. If you are currently using nurtures, we recommend you switch your nurture programs to Campaign Automations to get a much improved experience and many more options. NOTE: Since the release of ClickDimensions version 7.0.0, this […]