ClickDimensions Solution Documentation (Entities and Fields)

The following Excel file contains a list of all entities and fields contained in the ClickDimensions solution (as of version 8.3.0). Download ClickDimensions Solution Documentation (Excel).

Does ClickDimensions work with Multi-Factor Authentication?

Some organizations have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) to restrict access to their CRM. MFA is a way to prompt a user to enter a code or use another means to verify their login attempt after entering his/her user credentials. Currently, ClickDimensions does not support multi-factor authentication for our service user which connects to your CRM. […]

Can I add custom fields to ClickDimensions entities?

Yes. You can add custom fields to ClickDimensions entities. Follow the best practices outlined below: Forms If you wish to add your own custom fields to ClickDimensions forms, such as the Email Send form, we strongly recommend that you add your own section to the form, and place your custom fields in the new section. […]

Sign up for a Dynamics 365 trial

Follow the steps below to sign up for a trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Go to the Dynamics 365 trial sign-up page. On the Dynamics CRM trial sign-up page, select the country where you reside, and enter your contact information and language. Select an organization size, such as “25-49 people”. Click Just one more step. […]

ClickDimensions Support Policy – Supported Versions

Supported Versions of ClickDimensions ClickDimensions releases updates to its solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a regular basis. Technical support is provided at no additional charge to all current customers provided they are running a supported version of the ClickDimensions solution. Supported versions include the current release, as well as any release from the past […]

Interacting with the ClickDimensions API

The ClickDimensions API is designed primarily to receive requests from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, such as when an Email Send is sent or a template is created. In most cases, if you wish to automate a process based on ClickDimensions features, you will leverage the CRM API or SDK. One notable exception where you may design […]

Introduction to Reporting for ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions generates data from your marketing efforts that can provide tremendous insights into your customers’ and prospects’ behavior. Check out some of the great ways that you can learn to analyze this data using built-in CRM functionality, ClickDimensions features, and custom reports. Email Sends: Statistics Graph Email Events Click Report Click Heat Map ClickDimensions Dashboard […]

Considerations when performing a database restore or Sandbox copy/reset for a CRM system integrated with ClickDimensions

When performing a restore of a CRM database, it is important to note that in certain scenarios Email Sends which have completed may run again after the database restore is complete. WARNING: When you import a copy of your production environment into your Sandbox, all connection details remain the same as in production. If plugins […]

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for ClickDimensions Entity

Click the image below to view an Entity Relationship Diagram of the ClickDimensions solution. Right-click and save the image to save it to your desktop.

Common Questions About ClickDimensions Security

Does ClickDimensions Store Any of My Data? ClickDimensions does not store your data. Your data is stored safely and securely in your CRM system. The sole exceptions to this are: a) Email addresses of recipients. These are logged as all email platforms must do, in order to accurately record deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, etc.; b) if […]