ClickDimensions Dashboard in CRM 4.0

NOTE: ClickDimensions will end technical support for customers using ClickDimensions in Microsoft CRM 4.0 on December 31, 2016.  See this announcement for details. In CRM 4.0, ClickDimensions automatically installs a dashboard for you to view Web Statistics. To view it, go to Marketing > ClickDimensions > Dashboard Please note there is less information here than would normally be […]

Clone an Email Send Record

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] After you create an Email Send record, you may want to use the same information to send another email. You can duplicate the Email Send record so that everything except for the recipients is placed into a new Email Send Record. You can also do this on a Sent Email Send. This is the best way to send […]

Email Send Statistics Report

<< Click Report Introduction Email Send Client Statistics >>   After an Email Send has been sent you can download the PDF statistics report. This report will show the graphs that you see in the Statistics area of the Email Send record along with some of the details of the email. [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Within […]

What are the ClickDimensions Security Roles used for?

During installation of the ClickDimensions solution, four security roles are created in CRM.  These roles are specific to ClickDimensions and have very different purposes.  The following list describes each ClickDimensions security role and its intended purpose. ClickDimensions Core This role should be assigned to all users (even if not using ClickDimensions).  It contains the minimum set […]

How to make changes to the service user utilized by ClickDimensions

Overview: Describes how to change the password on the service account that was set up for ClickDimensions to communicate with CRM. Problem/Scenario: The ClickDimensions service requires a CRM user account to be set up as a “service account.” If the password is changed for this user, the ClickDimensions service will be unable to communicate with […]

Update Marketing List Workflow Assembly

Use the Update Marketing List workflow assembly feature in the CRM workflows in order to add someone to a static marketing list or remove someone from a static marketing list. This can be very useful when trying to add someone to a Nurture Program or Campaign Automation automatically when some action occurs, such as the submission […]

Protecting your Form Builder Form from Spam

You can always use the CAPTCHA to protect your form from spam, but now ClickDimensions automatically adds another layer of security to all form submissions with your Form Builder. ClickDimensions has added some code which will create an empty hidden Form Field on your form. Humans won’t notice it, but bots will. When bots try […]

Familiarize yourself with ClickDimensions Features

If you’re brand new to ClickDimensions, you might not be sure where to get started. Since we fully integrate with CRM, it might not be obvious which features are unique to ClickDimensions and how they work. ClickDimensions features are found mostly within two main sections of CRM: Marketing and Settings. (Activities, which ClickDimensions uses for […]

ClickDimensions Execute Send Workflow

The ClickDimensions solution includes several workflows that are used to help automate different processes in CRM. A significant workflow among these is the ClickDimensions Execute Send workflow. This workflow is used in the process of sending out a scheduled Email Send and in split tests, and is triggered when the Email Send’s status changes from […]

Clone a Web Content Record

After creating a Web Content record (such as a form, survey, subscription page or landing page), you may wish to create another that is very similar to it. This functionality is now available by Cloning the Web Content record. In order to clone the record, simply click the “Clone” button on the ribbon at the […]