Introduction to Landing Pages

What are Landing Pages Used for? Landing pages are stand-alone web pages that usually have a single function which is separate from the rest of the web site. You might use them to encourage customers or clients to sign up for your newsletter, distribute coupon codes, or to advertise an app. You can link to […]

Introduction to Subscription Management

What are Subscription Lists Used for? Subscription lists are a way to allow customers or clients to choose which emails they would like to receive from you by letting them opt in to some and out of others. For example, a customer may want your newsletter and special offers emails but maybe not company events. […]

How do I know what license level I have?

[tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] Navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings You will then see this screen which shows you which licence level you have: If this appears to be wrong, please contact your Account Manager. [/tab] [tab name=”CRM 2011″] Navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions > ClickDimensions Settings and you will see this screen. If this appears […]

Find Your Way Around the Landing Page Block Editor

<< Create a Landing Page Introduction Freestyle Editor >> [tab name=”CRM 2013/2015/2016″] After you have created your Landing Page and pressed save, your Block Editor will appear. To choose a layout, click on the Layouts button in the top toolbar. This will open a new window called Layouts Dialog. There are 9 layouts to choose from, but you can always […]

Introduction to Surveys

What are Surveys Used for? Surveys are a way to get feedback from your customer base or other clients. They allow users to answer a set of questions you provide to give you insight on how your product or service is being received. For example, users can submit valuable data such as a rating of […]

Introduction to Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing Used for? Email marketing is a way to send emails to your customers or clients in order to maintain or foster interest in your product or service. Examples of email marketing include newsletters, special offer messages, and instructional or automated emails. With ClickDimensions, you can track information about how your customers […]

Custom HTML Editor

The Custom HTML Editor is useful for those who have created their entire template in another program, have the HTML file, and do not want to make many changes. Or for those who know HTML because this editor is strictly HTML. After you’ve created an Email Template and saved you’ll be able to add content […]

Introduction to Forms

What are Forms Used for? Forms allow your visitors to submit information such as their name, location, and email address, which you can then store in your CRM. Such information can be used in a great variety of ways and can help you, for example, see in which areas your product has garnered the most […]

Profile Management

Profile Management allows you to put a link to a form in your emails that will pre populate with that Contact or Lead’s information. This means you can show them what information you already have and let them update the current information and/or add new information. Read or watch the video. NOTE: For the form […]

Web Content Code Editor

Once you’ve created a ClickDimensions Form, Survey, or Subscription Management Page within the respective Web Content builders, you can customize your web content record even more with the Code Editor. This editor will allow you to add JavaScript and also to change or add CSS to the Form, Survey, or Subscription Management Page. [tab name=”CRM […]